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BIO: International interior design firm Décor Aid provides clients with premium decorating services centered around their lifestyles and vision while providing a transparent fee structure, a dedicated product manager, and vetted professional contractors, renovation specialists, and paint services.  Their latest article on the worst home staging ideas is critical for potential sellers of Palos Verdes homes to understand


imageWith so much industry debate on the merits of home staging, the expert interior designers at firm Décor Aid are making a case on why it can be such an essential tool in helping your client envision their daily lives in the space. That said, how do you get the look right, and what ill-informed advice should you skip out on altogether? After all, since purchasing a new home can be a life-changing mark in your client’s lives, and since you’re putting more time and thought during the selling process, why not make it work to your benefit, rather than lose out on a potential sale?

To get the look right, Décor Aid designers suggest you avoid these common misconceptions so your efforts will remain beneficial to all parties involved.


Too Much Personality

Sure, making the home feel alive and brimming with life is the goal here, but too much personality can come off as try-hard, and even worse, distracting. Don’t let potential homebuyers leave with a confused take on the space with too many focal points and distractions to confuse the eye. In fact, leave conversation-starters to just on per room to keep the eye moving and excited.

But don’t go for too minimal either as you want to help clients explore the possibilities in the space for themselves, and they’ll need extra inspiration to do so.

Not Enough Focal Points

No its not better to leave a space empty. In fact it will make the home feel cold and lifeless. And if it’s not a newly constructed property, empty rooms can make a home look older and more timeworn instantly while highlighting imperfections.

And if a room has to remain almost completely empty, dress it up with an affordable oversized mirror, fresh flowers, and a brightly patterned area rug for needed warmth and visually interesting focal points. Framed art prints can also do the trick as can curtain panels that boast color and print.

Removing Rugs

If a home is carpeted or course you’ll want to have its floors professionally cleaned. But if you’re working with a tiled or wooden floor, removing rugs can prove to be an avoidable mistake. Why you ask?

By removing a rug you’re not only taking away an interesting focal point and sense of personality, but you’re also destined to expose discrepancies in the condition of the flooring.

Remove a large area rug that’s been there for years and what will you get? You’ll get something almost as unsightly as a burn mark since the area under the rug will likely be in better condition than the surrounding uncovered areas in a room that were prone to traffic, and daily wear and tear. Instead, opt for minimal tonal sisal rugs that will lend any space texture while working as a foundational starting point to get them inspired.

Too Much Color

The key to getting home staging right is a tight edit and just the right amount of personality and flair. But don’t go overboard with riotous color as color boasts emotional values that can be off-putting, and downright jarring. So skip out on all-over color altogether and bring in hits of color in small doses.

Think a freshly painted accent wall for extra depth, easy to source affordable pillows and throw blankets, and delightfully printed yet gender-neutral linens and bedding.

Mirrors Are Not A Bad Idea

No, mirrors aren’t that distracting. Think about it this way, if your client is so aloof that their reflection in a mirror might distract them, then how will they ever make it through the arduous homebuying process?

In fact mirrors are one of the least expensive ways to add a sense of everyday glamor and luxury in even the smallest of spaces. And since they catch and reflect light with ease, they’ll also make a space feel larger, brighter, and airier.

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