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Where are the cleanest beaches in Southern California

One of the best reasons to live in Southern California is our beaches. So where exactly are the cleanest beaches in Los Angeles?  Palos Verdes homes have access to some of the cleanest beaches in the entire state but travel just a few miles to the north around the Santa Monica area and the story is quite different. As summer approaches, how does Heal the Bay answer … Where are the cleanest beaches in Southern California? where are the cleanest beaches in southern california

The Santa Monica Bay Pier was found to be one of the dirtiest beaches and most polluted in the state.  In fact, it’s had a failing score for the last 6 years due to humid conditions under the pier, massive quantities of bird poop, and storm drain run off.  These factors greatly increase the bacteria levels in the water

Mothers Beach in Marina Del Rey improved somewhat from a D to an A grade this year.  LA County did good work on that.

Where to find Palos Verdes Homes on the Coast

Follow this link and it will always update with the latest listings. You will be able to click on 3 homes before the system requires you to register with your email and mobile number. Make sure to bookmark the link to revisit for all live updates to listings. And for homes that are near the cleanest beaches in Los Angeles, click here 

The link above will update with the latest and newest Palos Verdes homes for sale near the cleanest beaches in California.  That’s important because you can bookmark the link for easy reference in future.

Cleanest beaches in Los Angeles

Some other good news is that 97% of the state’s beaches scored an A or a B grade.  That’s a six percent increase from the 5 year average.  Of course the down side of that is that much of that increase is due to drought and drought means lower storm drain runoff.

What are some good tips even when you find out where are the cleanest beaches in Southern California?

  • avoid shallow beaches
  • avoid enclosed beaches with poor circulation of water
  • swim at least 100 yards away from storm drains, creeks and piers

“Health the Bay’s annual beach report card is guided by two important principles,” she said. “No one should get sick from a day at the beach and we have the right to know if our favorite beaches are too polluted to use.”

Where are the cleanest beaches in Southern California

    • El Matador State Beach (Malibu)
    • Escondido State Beach (Malibu)
    • Dan Blocker County Beach (Malibu)

where are the cleanest beaches in southern california

  • Las Tunas County Beach (Malibu)
  • El Segundo Beach @ Grand Ave. (El Segundo)
  • Bluff Cove (Palos Verdes Estates)
  • Abalone Cove Shoreline Park (Rancho Palos Verdes)
  • Portuguese Bend Cove (RanchoPalos Verdes)

You can find homes for sale around the Abalone Cove and Portuguese Bend beaches right here with real time updates each time you visit this site

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Where are the best beachfront homes in California





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