When is a good time to sell a Palos Verdes home?

A common question real estate brokers get is “when is a good time to sell a Palos Verdes home?”  Of course one answer, from a “with tongue in cheek” point of view is any time. And seriously, I recognize that there are many, many different factors that go into answer this question.

This post is focused in on only ONE of those factors and that’s from the “supply side” of the equation.

All of us thinking human beings understand the concept of “supply and demand”.  There’s always a higher price that’s realized for a commodity when supply is low and demand is high and you can get my monthly analysis and video on these changes from this continually updated page on Palos Verdes Real Estate Trends

When is a good time to sell a Palos Verdes home?

Here’s something you may not realize, those big home search portals … you know the ones … are free for you to use, right?  Well, are they?  Did you know that one of them had revenues of 1 Billion dollars in the last 2018 fiscal year?  You didn’t write them a check, did you? So how do they make their money? When you search on their site, your private contact information, your search patterns, what you clicked on … it all gets sold to multiple real estate agents and advertisers on their platform. If you find yourself wondering where all those spam emails and calls are coming from, now you know.

Wouldn’t you prefer to have a PRIVATE search experience, one in which your information isn’t be sold to the multiple real estate agents, advertisers, and the highest bidders?

Use the search platform in the image on the left below and if you’re thinking of selling and want to capture new technology exclusively available only to me, explore the link by clicking the right image here…

when is the best time to sell a palos verdes home When is a good time to sell a Palos Verdes home