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What’s my home worth … that’s a question we all, as homeowners, ask from time to time even if we don’t plan on selling. You may have been directed to this page via an ad you followed on Social Media.  If so, thank you for coming at least this far.  There are only a couple more clicks you will need to follow.  I created this blog post because of the continued and constant legitimate complaint I hear from clients and prospective clients who are sick and tired of a computer telling them what their home is worth.

Wouldn’t it be great to turn that around?  Wouldn’t it be great for you to capture control of the process and you tell a computer which closed sales around your home are the most competitive as well as make changes to other variables that comprise “fair market value”?  Play this video, then see the little “i” in the upper right corner of the video.  Click that to be taken to the site where you will be given the options to run various pricing models.  Frankly, I like the interactive one best.  There will be another video on that site that will show you how to modify variables so you can take control of the process.  So yes, a couple of clicks to navigate, but well worth the time.  The videos too, are very short.  Would love to get your comments and thanks for visiting!  One more thing, if you just don’t want to go to the trouble to get the quality of the interactive system (and it is really easy, give it a try), scroll below the video and use the “quickie” system for instant results.  Remember though, that system and those like it, give you no control over input.  And you know the old saying with computers, right?  “Garbage in, garbage out”

What’s My Home Worth Video

Besides the What’s My Home Worth tools, below you will find other real estate apps that will help you become more powerful as a seller, buyer or homeowner of Palos Verdes homes, Beach Cities homes or South Bay real estate



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