Real estate investments have made more people wealthy than just about any investment class. So what are the cap rates for Southern California income property in the three years preceding the date of this article (December 2019).  Play the video below to learn how to use this interactive map and  You can search residential income property here

What Are The Cap Rates For Southern California Income Property

View Cap Rates for Resi Income >$60,000 Annual Gross In in a full screen map

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The best “common denominator” for comparing real estate investment candidates … Cap Rates For Southern California Income Property.

The table below summarizes the data points in the interactive chart above

Descriptive Statistics
Mean 3.58%
Standard Error 0.09%
Median 3.59%
Mode 5.61%
Standard Deviation 1.06%
Sample Variance 0.01%
Kurtosis 66.90%
Skewness 28.54%
Range 6.49%
Minimum 0.87%
Maximum 7.36%
Count 150

This histogram paints the picture for the distribution of cap rates in Southern California

cap rates for southern california income property

Cap Rates For Southern California Income Property

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Where to Invest in Residential Income Property

Know In Which Real Estate Market to Invest

  • Look at tax rates and population growth.
  • Review overall real estate market trends.
  • Regional REITs are an option

And make sure you know the local trends because real estate is all local!

How to determine WHERE to buy real estate investment property?  One of my more successful real estate investors told me long time ago that it’s stupid to reinvent the wheel. Why do all the work when the work’s been already done and he investigates where big anchor stores are planning to open across the country.  Where’s the most recent Costco? Where’s the most recent Target? Things like that.  These companies are opening in these new locations because their extensive research is directing them in that direction. These demographics give us a clue as to population movements and people have to live somewhere!

And of course it’s always useful knowing what kind of a real estate market we’re dealing with because investment property analysis and understanding Southern California cap rates starts with that!




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