Top 5 Clues To Tell When To Sell Your House

Nationally, families move once every ten years or so, but what about for Palos Verdes homes? According to the US Census, there are 4,813  households in 90274 and another 15,771 in 90275. What Top 5 Clues To Tell When To Sell Your Houseare the top 5 clues to tell when to sell your house? Since there were only 471 households that sold in the last 365 days, only about 2.2% of the households are selling in any given year for homeowners living on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

So that means that you randomly met about 25 people walking around at the Promenade one of those people are going to move in the coming year.

Do you fit any of the top 5 clues to tell when to sell your house?

  1. It’s a sellers’ market and you want to take advantage. A few signals may include the price per square foot in your area is increase, the amount of time properties stay on the market is decreasing and you’ve noticed an uptick in brokerage activity in your neighborhood. But how do you objectively measure this? Well you can either (or both) use my proprietary Market Snapshot or my proprietary real estate charts (play the video on both of these sites)
  2. Your neighbors are selling and making the big bucks. Check in to this site and without downloading an app, get a report of the sale surrounding your home. And/or find your home’s market area under “All Areas” in one of the tabs at then click your area and scroll down to the charts.
  3. You’re sick of feeling financially stressed. Maybe you’ve underestimated the costs of home ownership or you’ve aged a bit and not working as much and you want to ease your financial burden
  4. Or what about the opposite scenario and your family has grown but your home hasn’t. That home you moved ino when you were expecting your first child isn’t right for you now that you have 2 or 3 or more kids
  5. You’re just done with the upkeep. Let’s face it, keeping your house pristine used to be a source of joy for you, now it’s just a chore and frankly a pain the you know what. Count up the money you’ve spent in the last year with your gardener, plantings etc. Did you know most homeowners in California are spening around $2,000 per year to maintain their yards?

If you think you fit any one or more of the above items, maybe it’s time to get more information on what you’d net if you sold your house and what you could afford to buy. Start the process with me. Use the link below to get an estimate (I will follow up with conclusions from a couple of other AVMs – automatic value models – as you really should rely on just one) and we can start a plan. There’s no commitment, let’s just start leaning about your options.



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