Top 10 things you can do on a real estate website

When people go to real estate websites, extensive research by the National Association of Realtors shows that two most frequent reasons are searching for homes for sale and finding out what a home is worth.  But these aren’t the only reasons.  Honing my craft over nearly 4 decades reveals that the hunger for real estate information in different forms.  So I put together this list of the top 10 things you can do on a real estate website.  Starting with the “search” and the “what’s my home worth” and then we will progress to “who lives in my neighborhood“, finding out if demand for homes is increasing or decreasing for your area and whether it’s a buyer or seller’s market for your neighborhood.  You won’t find this valuable information anywhere else …

  1. Searching for a home.

    This falls into two different platforms – searching from a desktop computer or searching from a mobile device.  If you’re going to search from a desktop computer, then I recommend using this site.  Searching for homes from a desktop computer.  One of the reasons I like this platform best is that you can search by known “Multiple Listing Service” areas, such as Lunada Bay homes in Palos Verdes Estates or the Manhattan Beach Hill Section homes in Manhattan Beach, California.  Watch this video to see how easily this is done

    But what if you’re on a mobile device?  There are lots of apps out there and two best that I’ve discovered are right here.  Mobile is probably more important that desktop searches.  This link lets you use a “radar” and see closed sales and the other app you will see displayed first in the video below is the FASTEST feed from the MLS, literally within seconds, new listings are up and no other app, not *illow, *edfin, *ealtordotcom …none of them get new listings faster.

  2. What’s My Home Worth

    top 10 things you can do on a real estate websiteEverybody knows of the obvious online source for getting a wild guess as to what a Buyer will pay for your home, but did you know there are MANY different computer models out there and each algorithm is weighted for different factors in differing ways.  Add to that inconsistency the fact that computers simply can not nuance view, property condition, lot utility (for example in Palos Verdes, a hilly community, two homes with the exact lot size can have hugely different lot utility components), and micro-location variables very well at all!  It’s no wonder, like this client found out, computer models varied by hundreds of thousands of dollars!  So if you’re not ready to have me come out to your house to focus my nearly 4 decades of experience knowing property values including as an expert witness prevailing against the Los Angeles County Tax Assessor in developing a “human touch” competitive market value audit for your home, at least use the ONLY interactive model in existence today which gives you control over the process!  Go here and play the video first then if you’re interested contact me for your home’s private and unique code so you can get using the program and find out what Buyer could pay for your home today Click the thumbnail image to see in full detail the crazy wild variations in the “AVMs” (Automated Value Models)

  3. Who lives in my neighborhood

    The problem with all the demographic sites out there is that they’re zip code or city based and sometimes you just want something more local.  You want to know what the make up is of the population in the neighborhoods you’re curious about buying into.  You won’t find a better tool than LifeStyle Finder.  Let me show you how it works

  4. Is demand increasing or decreasing for home in my area

    Can we all agree that real estate is a commodity?  Just like live cattle, gold, oil, bushels of wheat … it’s a commodity.  And what affects the price of any commodity?  Supply and Demand.  That’s it, period, end of story.  So if we can capture clues about supply and demand and better yet, observe the trends of supply and demand, then we can get an edge on other buyers who are competing for the same types of homes we’re looking for OR if we’re a seller, get an edge over the owners of competing homes to ours.  Let me show you.  You can sign up for my real estate charts (there’s no cost) by going here

  5. Is it a Buyer’s or Seller’s Market for Your Neighborhood?

    In number 4 above, we got the big picture, but what about drilling down to the neighborhood in which we’re looking to buy a home or sell our existing home?  Wouldn’t it be great to know if it’s a buyer or seller’s market?  Wouldn’t we want to know about those listings that failed to sell (in life we often learn more about things when things fail than when they succeed) and what about those properties now in escrow?  Wouldn’t that give us great clues about what’s happening RIGHT NOW!?  You bet it would and my proprietary Market Snapshot is the best way to learn about that!  Use this link to get your own personalized Market Snapshot I may “intercept” your report to customize it and make it more tailored to your property so don’t be surprised if you get two “Snapshot” when you sign up

  6. Research Endorsements

    If you’re getting close to making a decision on which real estate broker to hire, it’s time to research endorsements by that broker’s clients.  You can start here
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    To get the rest of the Top 10 things you can do on a real estate website…
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Top 10 things you can do on a real estate website


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