Top 10 things Chinese Buyers want to know

Not all Chinese buyers are the same as they come from different parts of obviously a very, very large country.  However there are some common denominators.  So what are the top 10 things Chinese Buyers want to know about buying real estate in These United States?

Top 10 things Chinese Buyers Want To Know

10 things chinese buyers want to knowEducation

A growing quest for for an overseas education is a fundamental driver of demand for Chinese buyers.  Beyond seeking homes near schools or universities, Chinese buyers want to know rankings, quality (class size stats, exam results performance, etc) application processes and fee structures

Visa Rules & Regulations

Migration is a key theme underlying Chinese investment overseas.  With a wider range of long term visitor and investment visas for Chinese, they will be seeking details on what they can apply for and what they are entitled to

Ownership Rules

All land in China is owned by the State.  Owning private property is a dream for Chinese Buyers.  As such, they are unfamiliar with the kinds of property ownership available abroad and will ask about the meaning of various terms such as “joint tenancy”

Taxes & Fees

Transaction fees can add up and Chinese buyers will often not be aware.  Be upfront with what the purchase costs are

Market Trends

Property is one of the most tried and tested paths to wealth in China.  Prices in Beijing alone have increased 6x in ten years.  That means Chinese buyers will seek granular data on market trends in order to better gauge where to place their investment dollars

Development Potential

New roads and rail lines across China have been a major driver of house price growth.  With this in mind, Chinese buyers will want to factor in any infrastructure changes in a community or any large corporate investments in an area


With yields falling below 2% on residential properties in both Shanghai and Beijing, Chinese buyers are targeting better returns overseas.  So be prepared to document the yields on any investment property you will sell

Citizenship Privileges

Emigration is a goal to many Chinese buyers.  Questions will come regarding access to health care, schools etc.

Sale Process

Buying a home can be complicated and more so for the Chinese Buyer facing foreign systems and language.  Prepare a clear outline and pathway of each process involved in the sale

Cost of Living

From monthly bills to daily shopping, Chinese buyers want to be informed on these factors too.  Be sure to showcase local offerings like organic food and luxury items which tend to be pricier in China.  These amenities proximate to the property you’re trying to sell could give you a competitive advantage

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