The Best Free Apps To Help Design Your Dream Home

There’s only one thing better than finding the perfect new home and that’s having the time, money and tools to design the interiors yourself. A home is a big investment so, let’s face it, it’s got to be perfect so here are the best free apps to help design your dream home

Whether you’re planning a kitchen overhaul, adding a much-needed extension, or finding the perfect colour scheme, you could always do with a bit of help. So, we’ve put together this list of the best free home design apps. Each bit of tech has earned its place on this list by helping you get from A to B-eautiful new home that little bit faster and easier.

The Best Free Apps To Help Design Your Dream Home


Before you start knocking down walls or choosing furniture, you might want to draw up a floor plan. And, we’re not just talking 2D, estate-agent-type floorplans. Once you’ve created a 2D mock-up of your new property in Floorplanner, the app allows you to switch to 3D mode a decorate the space.

You can add flooring, wall paint and coverings, curtains, furniture, appliances and accessories. The library of room-fillers tops 150,000 items and new products are added every day. Meaning most budding decorators will find their perfect ‘look’. 

The plan: The app is free to use, but you need to upgrade to the paid version to download your designs and some features are paid even to freebie users. Any paid functions you access on the free plan are charged on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.

best free apps to help design your dream home


If you get to the decorating part of your session with Floorplanner and find you’re stumped for design ideas, you need Houzz. The app has three functions that help users

  • Discover design ideas
  • Browse individual products 
  • Find the right professionals to help them get the job done

Start off by browsing their 20 million strong interior design photo library. You can filter by size, style, colour and more. And, when you’re ready, find the architects, designers and tradespeople in-app.

The plan: Houzz is totally free for end-users.

best free apps to help design your dream home

Palette Cam

Some of you are probably thinking… “that’s all very nifty, but let’s not jump before we can swim. I haven’t even picked a colour scheme yet”. And, handily enough, that’s where Palette Cam comes in. Available gor iOS and Android phones, Palette Cam lets users pick and save the colours they encounter in their everyday lives and create palletes of colours to form a colour-scheme.

So, say you want to paint your walls the same colour as your favourite dress or capture the exact blue of a seaside scene for your bathroom, both and more are possible with Palette Cam. The app captures the Hex codes and RGB values from your images so you can find products that match. 

The plan: Palette Cam is completely free to download…. #Win  More Best Free Apps To Help Design Your Dream Home…

best free apps to help design your dream home


Now you’ve settled your colour-scheme, it’s time to hit the shops, right? Wrong! The last thing you want to do is order new products only to find they don’t quite work in the space you had in mind. Rather than go through a frustrating back-and-forth with your suppliers, you can use Rooomy to virtually try-before-you-buy.

The app has the largest library of 3D furniture products in the world and uses augmented reality to place an object in your room using a photo. Rooomy measures up the room from the photo you supply and turns it into a 3D virtual staging space. Once you find the perfect piece, click through to the retailer’s website and place your order.

The plan: Rooomy is always free for users.

best free apps to help design your dream home

Rapid Reno Mate

If you’re going ‘big’ and undertaking a complex renovation, Rapid Reno Mate can help you keep your project on track. The iOS and Android app tracks the costs, budget, timelines, suppliers and materials involved in bringing your vision to life.

It’s essentially a project management tool developed specifically to for home renovators. What more do you need to know?

The plan: Many features are only available to members, but since membership is free, that’s not exactly a negative.

best free apps to help design your dream home

To sum things up

There are few more exciting times in life than getting the keys to your new home. But, the reality of getting it up to your scratch can bring you back down to earth with a crash. So, make it easy for yourself with these innovative web and mobile apps. And you’ll be supping mimosas in your beautiful new lounge room in no time.

We home you enjoy these Best Free Apps To Help Design Your Dream Home!

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