Spanish Revival Homes

Some of the most popular homes experiencing the highest demand are Spanish Revival homes or what most folks call Old Spanish homes.  The inspiration for these Southern California homes comes from the architectural styles of buildings constructed in the 1600s through 1700s in Spain.  Of the different styles of Old Spanish homes, my favorite is the Old Spanish Revival; a perfect example of which is here

As you might imagine, Spanish style homes share a few traits – red tile roofs, stucco walls, colorful tile work and intricate wrought iron work.

But how can you tell one Spanish style home from another?  What makes up the architectural differences.  There’s a great article on Hunker you might want to read on Spanish Revival homes and other architectural Spanish style homes

Spanish style home with asymmetrical construction


Spanish Baroque


Mission Revival


Spanish Revival

This style is the most prevalent residential style of Old Spanish homes in Southern California made famous by architects such as Walter Davis and Kirtland Cutter


“Architects built Spanish eclectic (also called Spanish revival) houses from about 1915 to 1940. This architectural movement blends mission with elements of Moorish, Byzantine, Gothic and Renaissance styles. The simple mission bell tower and stucco walls might share space with more ornate details, such as turrets, ornamental tiles on floors and walls, stained-glass windows, and intricate wrought-iron bars over windows and balconies.”

Monterey Style

old spanish homes

Here’s a list (updates live each time you visit) of all homes built in the 1914 – 1939 time frame in Southern California

Do you own a Spanish Revival Home? Want to know what it’s worth? Here’s a tool to ESTIMATE value.