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South Bay Home Value Estimate

Thank you again for your inquiry on one of my portals! I realize that 8 times out of 10, folks come to my evaluation sites because they’re merely curious as opposed to having an actual intent to sell their property in the near term. I want you to know that is completely acceptable to me and in fact I encourage this seeking of information. It’s important! And I understand that even if someone were keenly interested in putting their home up for sale “tomorrow”, the natural tendency when a salesperson calls to follow up, is to say, “…I’m not interested…” That’s quite ok. I do that too.

There are three ways to find out what your property’s value is as defined by the market and in order of accuracy, they are:

  • actually getting your home on the market competing against other sellers for the finite number of buyers in the market place today
  • instructing me to personally inspect your home with you, taking accurate notes and developing a competitive market value audit that we together can collaborate on and reach conclusions as to what price it will take to create value in the minds of buyers today so that they bid on your property instead of your property’s competition
  • using computer algorithms to get a wide range bracket array with the caveat being that you and I both understand and accept that a computer can’t nuance very well the variations in view, lot utility, condition, and micro-location variables.

Still, computer algorithms are valuable as a resource although they have these inherent issues. As a customer service to folks, I like to offer many INSTANT algorithms so that you can use each as a “checks and balance” against one another.

If all the different algorithms including the bonus report arriving shortly, each using different modeling, come up with numbers that are pretty close to one another, there’s a degree of validity in the conclusion (still nothing to replace what an experienced and professional broker can provide, but better than throwing darts at a dart board!) By the way, the CoreFact algorithm requires a private access code keyed to ONLY your property.  It is the ONLY interactive and dynamic system out there giving YOU the control over variables that are value components.

If the algorithms are widely varied, then that’s another story. Oh, by the way, if you believe the “CoreFact” value to be inaccurate, email me and I will share a tip with you. PLAY THE VIDEO ON THE COREFACT SITE…. not kidding… IT IS IMPORTANT! It’s the ONLY computer model system that is interactive and gives YOU control!

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