Sleep on it – it’s what’s best for decision making

“Sleep on it” – It turns out this is good advice Look, I get it that some real estate markets move really fast. The Palos Verdes homes market, as well as the Beach Cities market are cases in point. A well priced listing comes up for sale and hopefully, if you’re a buyer, you will have done your homework long before this “new listing” hits the market and you know a good deal when you see one and act. That’s exactly what happened in one of my most recent sales (if you live within a mile or so of the Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, you need to understand how this home’s sale affects your home’s value, click the link)

My seller client listened carefully to the evidence the market provided, priced their home competitively and in conjunction with my crescendo marketing system (contact me here to learn more about this  strategy) the property was sold with multiple offers. image

The point here is that buyers that offered knew a well priced home when they saw it, and acted. That doesn’t contradict the point of this blog post. Those buyers had ample time to “sleep on it” and I’m sure they did. I know that a couple of them actually lost out on other deals. That experience rested in their minds during sleep and caused resolute decision making when next it was time to decide.

Is there science behind that phrase, “Sleep on it”?


You bet there is, go here  According to experiments, people who consciously struggle with a difficult question are more likely to get the wrong answer, compared to those who put it on the mental backburner. Dutch experts believe this is because their subconscious minds were given the time to weigh up all the pros and cons.

“Putting it off” could also work for someone in a dilemma about a major financial commitment, such as buying a house, they say. Psychologist Maarten Bos, who led the research at Radboud University, said the experiments proved that forgetting about a decision often produced the best results, especially if it involved a complicated issue.

He said, “Unconscious thought produces better decisions than when people decide immediately. Although in our current experiments participants did not actually sleep on their decision, the benefit of a period of rest is clear.”

So whether you’re selling one of the Palos Verdes homes or buying one here on the Palos Verdes Peninsula or the Beach Cities, hopefully you will have given yourself the time to sleep on it and make good decisions.





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