SEO Marketing Focus Palos Verdes Homes :: Results using internet search engine manipulation for more buyer traffic to my clients’ homes.  More online traffic = more exposure = greater demand = faster sale at a higher price.

SEO Marketing Focus Palos Verdes Homes

My entire marketing system is geared with this simple premise – create more buyer competition to own your home so that YOUR PalosSEO Marketing Focus Palos Verdes Homes Verdes Homes sell for more money! Regardless of the supply of Palos Verdes homes for sale, if you’re one of the homeowners wanting to sell, you want more buyers focused on YOUR home and not your competitions’. And in this day and age where the National Association of Realtors tells us that nearly 90% of buyers* are going to the internet to find a home, then as a marketing broker for Palos Verdes homes, every action, every behavior I implement on your behalf, has to have this as the “prime directive”.

One way to accomplish this is through innovative and hi-tech strategies I’ve learned. Here’s a recent example for one of the many Palos Verdes homes I’ve sold:

This is a page pulled from a google search and demonstrates the effect of my SEO Marketing Focus Palos Verdes Homes plan… of the millions and millions of internet pages, I was able to get this home, not only on the 1st page, but in multiple mentions on the first page for buyers searching for homes in this area. You can imagine how many more buyers I was able to focus on my clients’ Palos Verdes homes versus the homes against which it was competing at the time. We sold this property with multiple offers in short order. How many thousands of dollars would you lose in cutting edge marketing exposure without the kind of competition from buyers generated by this knowledge alone!

Look, when you hire a broker to sell your house, are you hiring them because of how well he is or his company is known? Or, are you hiring them because he is expert in making YOUR HOME known to the buyer?  The SEO Marketing Focus Palos Verdes Homes plan does just that.  It is a marketing focus on YOUR home and not on my company or me.

Hi-Tech Marketing of Palos Verdes Homes

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Do you want MORE examples; here’s a property I sold at a record setting price based on the “gravity well” of focus and increased competition from Buyers. FIRST PAGE OF A GOOGLE SEARCH 60% CONTROLLED BY LITTLE ‘OL GEORGIE

SEO Marketing Focus Palos Verdes Homes

*This is a summary from a report conducted by the National Association of Realtors

Report HighlightsSEO Marketing Focus Palos Verdes Homes

  • 90 percent of home buyers searched online during their home buying process (this is a national study, and findings suggest that for more affluent areas such as that for Palos Verdes homes, the percentage is higher)
  • Real estate related searches on grew 253 percent over the past four years.
  • Buyers use specific online tools during different phases of the home search process
  • How important “local” search terms and websites are for buyers
  • How mobile technology cements online to offline home buying including the reading of
  • How video and YouTube satisfy buyers’ research needs
  • The role of age and gender in driving real estate decision making in the market by being the top demographics who searched online and took the next steps offline
  • Top states for searches around first-time home buyer tips and specific housing segments like senior housing and

Here’s another example of my ability to manipulate the search engines. Imagine that I can do this for this subject, how many more buyers I can bring to your front door!

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