Selling Palos Verdes homes improved by Smartphone Technology. Here is one of many strategies to get house sold for higher price.

Homeowners who hire a broker to get their home sold, are hiring a salesperson, pure and simple. They want their home sold, they want it sold efficiently, they want the least amount of stress and they want to get the most money the market will pay for the home. I just shake my head when I’m driving around and see these for sale signs with “flyer boxes”. What a great way to lose an opportunity to sell the house! Here’s how selling your Palos Verdes homes benefit with this technology. Pretend you have a 3 bedroom home but the driver driving by who stops to get a flyer (buyers actually driving neighborhoods are very motivated and why having a for sale sign is important) sees that you have a 3 bedroom but they really want a 4 bedroom. They throw the flyer away and move on never truly considering your home. Play the video below and see then how my method allows me the opportunity to ACTIVELY, not passively, interact with that buyer while they are there in front of the house, sharing with them other benefits of owning your home which could then make sense for them. I get an appointment to show them your house, they love it realizing the other features more than make up for the lack of the 4th bedroom, they make an offer you like, and you’re sold. Being PROACTIVE not passive in my tactics and strategies for my Palos Verdes home sellers demonstrates results any homeowner selling Palos Verdes homes.

Try it now! 

Text 81116 to 25678 for an example

With Mobile Real Estate ID™, potential buyers can inquire about your property anytime, anywhere making your home sell faster and for more money as more buyers compete for your property.

All a potential buyer has to do is text in your unique Mobile ID to 85377. The buyer will instantly receive two text messages back on their phone. The 1st message will have all of the listing info, bedrooms, bathrooms, sq. ft., etc, with a link to all of the pictures associated with the listing. The 2nd message will have the agent’s contact info with the option to receive a call immediately.

Any time a potential buyer texts in your unique Mobile ID, my portal captures their contact info along with the property they are inquiring about and the date and time.

Now, with Mobile Real Estate ID™ you will know who’s looking, where
they are looking, and when they are looking…ALL IN REAL TIME!

I can now:

  • Customize message to consumers
  • Track all leads
  • Make notes and edit contact info
  • Send feedback to you

Our mobile technology provides buyers with:

  • Cross-carrier connections
  • 24/7 access to property info and pictures
  • Buyers get my contact information instantly
  • And buyers get the ability to request a callback from an agent immediately

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Click picture below (from your mobile device) to get
one of the best if not THE best app I’ve found to search
for homes. Check out the “radar” function called
“Spot” on lower right part of the app’s screen once you’ve installed it
Download the HomeSnap App here.  Snap any home with your smartphone camera using the app and get market data on that home







Here’s another app that is hugely interactive and responsive on the road

Click the image above or right here

This app won “best in show” just recently where top real estate tech firms competed with their real estate apps








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