Selling Palos Verdes Home Strategies – a Facebook Event

Selling Palos Verdes Home techniques must incorporate the use of Facebook. While many folks “poo-poo” the idea of social media considering it a)a waste of time and/or b)the venue of kids and millenials, the fact of the matter is that Facebook and other social media drive interest, help create and sustain demand, and foster an environment in which more buyers become interested in your selling Palos Verdes Home.selling palos verdes home

The natural consequence of a successfully run social media campaign results in a faster sale, with less stress with your selling Palos Verdes home experience and more walk away cash in your pocket.

If website traffic is important to your selling Palos Verdes home, you may find some new social media metrics particularly interesting.

Facebook drove 23.4 percent of social referrals on the Web, significantly higher than Pinterest (5.7 percent) and Twitter (1 percent).

This research comes from Shareaholic, which studied social referrals from June 2013 to June 2014.

The company also found that traffic from Facebook saw a higher increase in share rate (a boost of 14 percent), compared to Pinterest and StumbleUpon, which saw a 2.3 percent increase.

Quite a few brands have complained about Facebook’s recent algorithm changes, which seemingly pushes down posts from brands (or doesn’t display them at all), but Shareaholic’s data indicates some robust clicking going on.  And when I combine my targeted approach to “trick” the Facebook algoritihms, owners of Palos Verdes homes that hire me benefit from the significantly added exposure.  Use the “CONTACT” button in the lower right corner of this website to book an appointment with me to learn more.

selling palos verdes home

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