How to save money on your next move

Owning any of the Palos Verdes homes is a wonderful experience.  Our community is a place people travel the world to vacation and it’s in our back yard.  But when it’s time to move, it can be expensive so here are some tips on how to save money on your next move…

How to save money on your next move

Don’t take it all with you – Do you really like that old dining room table or credenza?  Maybe now’s the time to sell it in a garage sale or donate it to charity

Leave the flat screen – What’s it really worth given how technology has progressed.  And taking it down off the wall, repairing the wall, painting etc may be more expensive than getting a new TV

Negotiate everything – Look, I’ve learned in this business, many times, “…asking is free…”  Ask the vendor if that’s the best pricing they can do

Barter for services – Maybe after you had your home inspected by the Buyer, there are items that you’ve agreed to repair.  Maybe, just maybe, the handyman or contractor that’s doing the repair has need of that dining table that just won’t work in your new home.

how to save money on your next moveThink about those PODS or UPack – You might be able to save some money doing the packing yourself.  I wouldn’t, but it’s an option

Be careful of the “special offers” – Move in deals from cable companies for example, may have great deals … for the first 6 months, then you get jacked up

Don’t rush remodeling! – Take  your time.  Live in the house a couple of months at least before doing anything.  Just “feel” the house for a bit.  This will prevent you from rushing into a renovation that you just don’t like after a while.  Besides, it takes time, a month or so, for your new ownership to populate public records and yes that means getting on the “junk mail” list for various companies that you might actually need.  And those companies may have truly good deals for carpet, hardwood floors, or contractor services.  So hold your horses and be patient.

Find as many free boxes as you can – Neighborhood groups like “NextDoor” often have postings for this.  I’ve seen them

Use – a great source for discount coupons on things you will need

Choose a cheaper date to move – Ask your professional mover for their time/price schedule.  Sometimes a little adjustment here can save you big; mid-week and mid-month is usually less expensive and while we’re on the topic of movers … read the contract CAREFULLY.  Try to deal with just one person to hold accountable to promises made to you

Deduct your moving expenses on your taxes – Depending on why you’re moving and how far, this can be a big saver.  Consult with your CPA for more information

Purge purge purge – Get rid of stuff.  Have you ever heard about the “6 month rule” … “If you haven’t used it in 6 months, no matter how important you thought it was when you got it, throw it away”  That’s going to be a tough one for many of you; I can feel the cringing now.

How to choose a moving company – The folks at ConsumerAffairs have put together this guide to help you with factors to consider when hiring a moving company

So there you go, that should get you started on how to save money for your next move.  Do you have tips?  Leave a comment!  Youtube

Oh, and if one the ways you’re planning to save is to remodel, avoid these mistakes




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