Richard Neutra Homes in Palos Verdes

We’re lucky to have a few Richard Neutra Homes here among the Palos Verdes homesrichard neutra homes

And in fact, most people are surprised when they learn that Palos Verdes High School (GO SEA KINGS!) was des

igned by Richard Neutra.

Having represented one of my clients in their purchase of a Richard Neutra home in the Portuguese Bend area, I know the clean and quiet essence of these mid-century modern homes.

Would you like to learn more about Richard Neutra homes?

From Architectural Digest: “When Time magazine put Richard J. Neutra on the cover of its August 15, 1949, issue, the Austrian-born architect had been designing astounding modernist houses for more than 20 years—houses, Time said, with “broad, glassy brows” and “spaciousness and compactness combined.” Neutra (1892–1970) was a prophet of clean, crisp modernism, and his houses, most of which were built in California, have inspired countless architects and emboldened preservationists in an area of the country notoriously quick to raze landmarks. And why not? As Time eloquently observed, “Their beauty, like that of any sea shell, is more than skin-deep—practical, not pretentious.”

And from the LA Conservancy: “Palos Verdes High School was only one of hundreds of school buildings constructed during Southern California’s explosive postwar population boom, but it may be the only one located within a block of the ocean. Its scenic location led to some design challenges, particularly regarding the placement of numerous large buildings on a vigorously windswept plateau”

Some other examples of Richard Neutra homes

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