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WARNING:  Avoid using predatory sites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Redfin etc which scrape your data, track your searches and sell your personal/private contact information to multiple agents and advertisers on their platforms. Did you know that Zillow made nearly 1 billion dollars doing that in their last fiscal year?! Instead, use SearchHomesInPrivate.com where your information goes no further than to me. I will not sell it, I will not share it, not to anyone, not for any reason and not at any time! That’s a promise. Protect your privacy!

Meanwhile, how would you like to know how many buyers are actively searching for a home like yours?  That’s interesting information to have even if you’re not selling. If you are, it’s critical information and no one else in Palos Verdes or the Beach Cities can make this technology work in your favor like I can. Find out now how many buyers want your home!



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