Real Estate Smartphone Apps

I used to list here four or 5 real estate smartphone apps for Palos Verdes homes and realized, all I was doing was confusing people.  So I’ve tested and tested and tested and so far, this is the best one I’ve found because of these three reasons…

Real Estate Smartphone Apps

  • accuracy
  • timely information (from the moment an agent clicks the submit button to upload a new listing or report a sale, this app gets that info FAST)
  • easy to use interface

Just use this link

Of all the real estate smartphone apps that I’ve come across, you enjoy using this one and if not, let me know. I have others you would be welcome to try.   Meanwhile, scroll down to learn more about how, if you’re thinking of selling, you can adjust the value yourself, and take control of these computer algorithms that estimate the value of your home.  You will really like the added bonus that is available ONLY on this platform, and that’s its ability to demonstrate for you how many buyers are searching for homes in your area.  Do you understand how your home could sell for a higher price and faster if you could specifically target who those buyers are?  Is there a way to find out who they are?  Use my calendly link on this page to schedule a time to talk about this.

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Search Homes In Private

Are you tired of having your contact information and search patterns sold to multiple advertisers and real estate agents when you’re searching for homes on those big portals? I bet you didn’t know that they make billions of dollars each year scraping your information, data mining, and selling it without you knowing. Instead, learn how to Search Homes In Private and while you’re at it, find out more about your own home. Start by clicking both of these images in the table below and find out more…

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