Questions Home Buyers and Home Sellers Need Answers To

Questions Home Buyers and Home Sellers Need Answers ToHere are a list of questions home buyers and home sellers need answers to because the easiest way to lose tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars is to keep ignorant and not ask questions.

Questions Home Buyers and Home Sellers Need Answers To

When you’ve run a real estate business for as long as I have (I was first licensed in May of 1980 after graduating from UCLA in 1979) it sometimes becomes easy to “assume” that your clients know things that they really actually might not know or worse, have very deep concerns and questions about the process of buying or selling a home that aren’t being addressed attentively.  I came up with a two lists of questions that I’ve heard over the years.

Are you in the market now to buy or sell property?  Even if you’re not now, have you found yourself wondering about these same questions the last time you bought or sold real estate?  Do you have additional questions that you need answered so that you can feel comfortable, confident and secure with a decision to move forward?

It would be great if you could take a moment and reply with any other questions that really worry you about selling or buying property; and if you think I pretty much covered it, let me know that as well.

Thanks for your time!  Getting answers to these questions will help you avoid the dangerous turns in the maze of your real estate journey

Selling Buying
  • What steps do I need to take before listing my home for sale?
  • I hear about sales falling through all the time. Are there actions I can take even before listing my home for sale in order to minimize that possibility?
  • Are online home value computer models accurate?
  • Can online home value computer models be manipulated to hurt me?
  • If my agent priced my home wrong, how soon can I know for sure that it’s priced wrong so I don’t lose buyers?
  • Are there improvements I can make that will bring me a good return on resale?
  • Is staging a home important?
  • Is my home projecting the best “vibe” so that the maximum number of buyers find my home attractive?
  • Are commissions negotiable?
  • How strong is my agent really? Can they handle tough negotiations?
  • Are there pitfalls in the real estate purchase contract that can hurt me?
  • What power do I have to cancel a deal if a buyer is not performing?
  • What’s the best way to protect myself from a buyer that is using a home inspection contingency to renegotiate the deal?
  • What contingencies might the buyer place on the sale of the property?
  • What can I do to minimize the stress of moving?
  • Do I have to worry about tax implications in the sale of my home?
  • What trade-offs are involved in trying to time the sale of my home with the purchase of my next one?
  • How does escrow get me my money at close and how is that protected?

  • What is the best offer pricing strategy?
  • How can I tell if it’s a buyer or seller’s market and how do I strategically
    best position my offer?
  • What clauses in the real estate contract are possible pitfalls for me and
    how should I protect myself?
  • How can contingencies hurt me and how can contingencies help me?
  • When is my earnest money deposit in jeopardy?
  • What paperwork am I going to need to get my loan approved as fast as
  • How can I tell if my lender isn’t doing their job right and therefore might
    cost me getting the house I want?
  • What steps do I need to take even before offering on a home?
  • What kinds of inspections do I need to protect myself in the purchase?
  • If I’m not ready to buy, what’s the best way to search open houses


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