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General Election – November 6th

RPV – “Hospitality” Initiative – Update

RPV – City Hall Chaos Continues

Ladera Linda Park – Another Continuing Saga

Nature Preserve Issues

PV Dr. South – Traffic Issues

General Election

November 6th is the California statewide General Election date and there are issues important to Peninsula residents and we will continue posting election information as we go towards November 6th

An addition to this section is the California Board of Equalization candidate for the 3rd District

G. Rick Marshall. Rick is a Torrance resident and is well known in the South Bay area. His website is www.grickmarshall.com

The State Board of Equalization was created by constitutional amendment in 1879, it is the only publicly elected tax commission in the United States. Its duties are property tax assessment review, setting income taxes for railroads, utilities and insurance companies and levying the excise tax on alcohol.

The Board consists of four (4) members elected by district and the state controller. All five (5) seats are up for election every time the Governor is, with a vacancy in District 3 due to term limits. The term of office is 4 years.

State Assembly – The Peninsula is in District 66 Frank Scotto, a well-known South Bay Republican and past Mayor of Torrance. Frank Scotto, a supporter of “Prop 13.” is endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Assoc. many South Bay Civic Leaders and the Torrance Police Officers Association. PVP Watch supports Frank Scotto as we believe Mr. Scotto will better serve Peninsula interests of smaller government and reducing taxes than his opponent Al Muratsuchi who has been a consistent supporter of tax increases. For more information, go to www.FrankScotto.com.

US Congress – The Peninsula is in the 33rd California Congressional District and the current Peninsula representative is Ted Lieu a Democrat. PVP Watch finds nothing positive about Ted Lieu who supports open borders, sanctuary cities and unlimited border passage of non-documented transients.

The Republican candidate is Dr. Kenneth Wright a renowned pediatric eye surgeon and clinical professor at USC. Dr. Wright attended Torrance schools and remains a Torrance resident. PVP Watch supports Dr. Ken Wrightand urges a strong Peninsula turnout that will help counterbalance the high Democratic registration in Santa Monica and West LA. For more information go to www.drright4congress.com

RPV – Hospitality Initiative – Update

A brief review; a recent strategy of labor unions, in this instance Unite Here Local 11, is to circumvent employee objection by creating Municipal Ordinances that, if approved by city residents will force specific “hospitality” employers / employees to follow union dictates written into local law. This matter was on the July 17th Council agenda and was approved for the November 2019 ballot. The union was not satisfied with that date wanting the residents vote sooner and petitioned LA County Superior Court. A preliminary hearing was held on July 25, 2018. At a subsequent Court hearing on August 7th the Court Denied the Petition. The Courts decision is posted at www.pvpwatch.com/ Current Issues page.

Union Backed Initiative – Unite Here Local 11, a labor union, accomplished the task of obtaining RPV signatures by strong arming / intimating RPV residents. The truth is that Terranea employees are well paid, satisfied and do not want the union. The Initiative is devious and dictates all responsibility to RPV to manage the Union / Terranea employee relationship at apparently no cost to the Union…

The current situation is that RPV residents will vote on whether Unite Here Local 11 union “Hospitality Initiative” on November 5, 2019. We expect that when RPV residents become fully aware of what detrimental impact the “Hospitality Initiative will have on Terranea and this community that the Initiative will be overwhelmingly defeated.

PVP Watch will continue to Post on this very important matter.

RPV – City Hall, Chaos Continues

The saga continues…. While some at City Hall deny the genesis, the reality is that this caper is a continuation of this year’s Mayor Susan Brooks vengeance of last year’s Mayor Brian Campbell. It started with Brooks crony Michael Huang’s (he of anti AirBnB fame) nonsensical 89 Public Record Records demands of Brian Campbell. Some may not recall that during the AirBnB “dustup” Campbell was concerned that the anti AirBnB actions in RPV were possibly violating the Constitutional rights of those RPV residents that were participating in the AirBnB program. Cutting to the chase, the City has made demands that former Councilman Campbell provide a substantial amount of documents and Campbell has complied with the City’s requests. As we now understand the situation the City Attorney’s office is now reviewing those documents.

In the meantime reportedly the Council has knowledge of certain information that is apparently known only to the Council, City Attorney and perhaps the City Manager. Previously reported; The staff report on this matter (May 1 Meeting Agenda, Regular Business Item 1- Page 3 1st para) Members of the City Council have, themselves, shared with the Office of the City Attorney additional specific articulable facts and circumstances to suspect that, over a substantial period of time, there have been circumstances in which confidential information (known only in the context of a closed session) has been willfully and unlawfully shared outside of a privileged closed session.

Also previously reported was City Attorney Wynder’s interviews of certain RPV residents. This matter seems to be progressing slowly while two more persons, both non RPV residents, have been added to the interview list. We wonder….has City Attorney Wynder yet realized that RPV is chasing “a dog without a tail”? How many “billable hours” for a questionable outcome? It appears that Brian Campbell is the “target” and what does the Council perceive that it may accomplish other than another lawsuit that the City would likely lose.

Compounding this matter is the amount of “Closed Session” discussions that never results in any type of reportable decisions. So much for Council Transparency….

Ladera Linda Park – Another Continuing Saga

For those unaware, the buildings at Ladera Linda Park were built as a school many years ago before the Portuguese Bend Landslide erased the homes destroyed by the landslide. Several years ago the buildings were declared uninhabitable and were targeted for rebuilding. This matter has been before the Council on a number of occasions and the neighbors have objected to the proposed designs. The neighbors want a neighborhood park while the Staff keeps proposing a “Destination” location including space for the “Docents” and Land Conservancy (PVPLC). So far the staff proposes an approximate 9,000 sq. ft. structure with an estimated cost of some $8,000,000 (~$888 per sq. ft.) for a staff proposed Taj Mahal.

At a recent Council meeting the Council directed staff to work with Ladera Linda neighbors to develop a reasonable solution. Recently staff again went out for bid’s with the design criteria being essentially the same as older bid specifications. One of the issues seems to be a differing of Council opinions of whether or not the proposed park revision will be a “Destination” location or a community park. This matter should soon be back on the Council agenda and we shall report on what the Council may decide.

Nature Preserve Issues

At its August 7th meeting, the RPV Council accepted the Feasibility Study Update report dated July 26, 2018 concerning the “Portuguese Bend Landslide”. The report was presented by Daniel B. Stephens & Associate. The matter is very complex and for those interested the entire report is posted on the RPV website. Go to the Council meetings archives for the August 7th meeting. See Regular Business item 2.

Most RPV residents are undoubtedly aware of the landslide and the potential problems the landslide presents to our community. The issue with the landslide is that it is continuously sliding (watch the cracks in PV Dr. South) and it is not whether not it MIGHT slide but WHEN? The RPV Council has been giving this matter serious consideration and the July 26th report lays out a roadmap.

Unfortunately there remains a major obstacle, the PVPLC (Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy) who are more concerned with their sacred habitat than the safety of our community. We have posted the Agreement between RPV and the PVPLC dated 11/1/2011 at www.pvpwatch.com / Current Issues page. The agreement was approved for 50 Years by two attorneys Tom Long and Doug Stern then at their final meetings as RPV Councilmen and both now Judges in the Los Angeles Superior Court system. In the opinion of many RPV residents, the Nature Preserve has become a public nuisance (think Del Cerro area residents) and the management competency of the Nature Preserve by the PVPLC should be reassessed by the RPV Council to protect the best interests of RPV taxpayers.

PV Dr. South – Traffic Issues

After many discussions of auto traffic issues particularly in the area of Forrestal St (Ladera Linda Park / Trump National) staff brought this matter before the Traffic Safety Commission on August 6th 2018. Staff and the Traffic Safety Commission will present their findings to the Council on Tuesday September 4th. The Traffic Commission / Staff findings are posted at www.pvpwatch.com / Current Issues page.

The analysis was expanded to include PV Drive South in the Seahill Drive area which is a known hazard area. For those unaware of where Sealhill Dr is located, it is two blocks east of the Terranea entrance. Eastbound traffic leaving the Terranea signal frequently speed going eastward and visual observation from traffic entering PV Dr South from either Seahill or Seawolf Dr has limitations. The report includes trimming scrubs and moving a bus stop for better visibility for oncoming eastbound traffic.

July 17th the Council approved a new entrance for the proposed new 12 home Trump development along PV Dr South and adjacent to the Trump driving range. The new entrance is Costa De Las Islas and is at the Western end of the Trump property adjacent to the Beach Club and enters PV Drive South.

The Forrestal / Trump National entrance aligned opposite each other from PV Drive South has long been an issue. The AYSO uses the soccer fields above the Ladera Linda Park and creates high traffic demands on weekends with AYSO soccer. Increasing is destination traffic to the Nature Preserve areas adjacent to the Ladera Linda Park. The last Council action was to temporarily use crossing guard services to direct traffic during selected high volume traffic conditions.

Several months ago Mayor Pro Tem Jerry Duhovic requested a traffic study for this area. Whatever happened to his request? It has also been reported that there is other recent traffic usage data for that area.

The report being presented by the Traffic Safety Commission / Staff to the Council on September 4th proposes an engineering / feasibility project for design and construction of a “Roundabout” for the PV Dr South / Forrestal / Trump Drive intersection. Proposed design budget is $150,000 including building acceleration lanes for certain traffic.

In our opinion, the Roundabout concept is preposterous and any public funds used for such nonsense is a waste. Although there seems to be other options, we believe the real answer that most seem to be ignoring is a traffic light. We ask, “What would a signal light cost?” How do the costs for a traffic signal compare to other options?We understand that some neighbors object to a changing signal light as it would be annoying at night. Easy solution, turn off the signal at night as there is little need after 10 PM. A traffic light should be a “demand” signal that stayed Green for East / West traffic and changed only when a sensor on either Forrestal / Trump Dr. was activated. A traffic signal would eliminate the need for rebuilding the medians with ‘accelerating” lanes and other such construction and may be the least costly and practical solution.



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