Why Promote Your Business on the Palos Verdes ParkBench website

Whether you’re a member of the Palos Verdes Chamber of Commerce or not, a basic concept about which many of us agree, is the benefit of “keeping it local”. Supporting your local businesses like Eliopulos Jewelers is incredibly important.  Tax dollars stay in our community, the owner Why Promote Your Business on the Palos Verdes ParkBench website of the local business has more disposable income to spend himself or herself in the community – everyone wins.  So why promote your business on the Palos Verdes ParkBench website?

Simple – if you’re a local business that serves owners of Palos Verdes homes, or South Redondo Beach homes or Hollywood Riviera homes OR if you’re business is located in these areas, you want to get on ParkBench now.

The service is free to you (I pay for it as I have the exclusive rights to 90274, 90275 and 90277)

You will have your own dashboard to promote your business, specials, features, deals, seminars you’re doing (for example, let’s say you’re a CPA and you’re doing a seminar to share information to the public while promoting your business – this is another high impact, quality platform to get the word out)

Your social media presence will expand

Your business’ search engine optimization benefits will improve

In a nutshell, you will get more folks paying attention to your business!

Want to know how it works?  Just play this quick video.  If you want, you can skip my dialog and just go immediately to minute mark 2:22 of the video.  But it is beneficial to watch the whole thing…

Why Promote Your Business on the Palos Verdes ParkBench website






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