Portuguese Bend Distilling – What’s in a name?

Wow, I read about this today and thought, “…well, that’s pretty cool…” especially when I realized how these guys came up with the name of their company. Owners, Luis and Brenda Navarro who own a couple of highly rated restaurants in Long Beach (Lola’s Mexican Cuisine and The Social List) are now opening the city of Long Beach first distillery.

Here’s an example of courageous entrepreneurs who are embarking on something new, something a bit risky, but you know what, I bet they have a lot of success!portuguese bend distilling

Now, how did they come up with the name “Portuguese Bend Distilling”? Benders have known about this, and so have many students of Palos Verdes history, for quite some time and if you didn’t know, letme share with you. During the Prohibition, Portuguese Bend was critical to the successful rum running operations of smugglers. They would use the crevices and caves abundant around the Portuguese Bend coastline in Palos Verdes to store booze smuggled in from Mexico and Canada.

Portuguese Bend Distilling

Going back further in time, why “Portuguese Bend” as a name. The Azorean shore whaler, Jose Machado, brought coastal whale hunting to the shores of Palos Verdes after the whaling station on Deadman’s Island was closed in the 1860s.

One of the Navarro’s partners, Simon Haxton, of one-eighth Portuguese descent, is a “rocket scientist” distiller so you can see, it’s all tying in together beautifully. How can these guys not succeed?!

As far as what will be distilled, Haxton said the program will start off with white spirits, including a couple of gins, then varying types of rum and American sour ryes and they’ll start putting the whiskey into barrels as soon as they can. Plans also include showcasing other little-known California distilleries.

Portuguese Bend Homes For Sale

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