Point Vicente Lighthouse

One of the more iconic points of interest on the Palos Verdes Peninsula is the Point Vicente Lighthouse. There’s lots of history here and one item of note is the historic Fresnel lens.point vicente lighthouse

Looking more like an alien space helmet, this 93 year old item will be on display at the Point Vicente Interpretative Center

The other item now on exhibit relates to a piece of history that most of us would consider barbaric and that’s the whale hunting period off the Palos Verdes coast. In fact, Portuguese Bend gets its name from the fact that Portuguese Whalers hunted and butchered the wales in the cove there. The exhibit is an exploration of the whaling industry during the late 1800s.

Point Vicente Lighthouse

“We are thrilled to open our first new exhibits in 13 years and to permanently house a treasure of such historical significance,” said Emily Rodin, Recreation Supervisor with the City of Rancho Palos Verdes. “These exhibits chronicle important chapters in local history and will inform generations.”

Where was the Fesnel lens made? Paris, France in 1914 and it first brightly shined on April 14, 1926. The light could be seen 20 miles out into the ocean. Of no surprise, the light was dimmed during World War II. In February 2019 the United States Coast Guard decommissioned the lens; in its place, LED technology.

Portuguese whalers operated in Palos Verdes from 1869 through 1885. You will be able to see a replica of a whaling shack and a variety of whaling tools from the tip.

For directions, follow this link:  Below the map is a link to homes for sale near the Point Vicente Lighthouse


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