Percentage of Seniors in Palos Verdes

I came across an artice entitled “Retirement Housing: Fixing Big Problems with Tiny Solutions” and it interested me because of my personal yet anecdotal observations of changing demographics here in Palos Verdes. So I wanted to check the facts and report on facts not just personal observation. What is the percentage of seniors in Palos Verdes and has that changed at all over time.  You can play a quick youtube video on what this blog post covers herePercentage of Seniors in Palos Verdes

My hypothesis is that, yes it has changed and the facts prove me to be correct. The 2000 census data shows that 18.69% of the population were people over 65. The 2010 census data shows the percentage to be 23.18% and the latest data estimates over 25% of the people on the Peninsula are over 65. Compare this to the 1990 census data in which only 12% of the population was over 65. So in nearly 30 years, the number of seniors has more than doubled.

It’s for this reason, I’ve written many blog articles here on the subject of Palos Verdes seniors.

For many Palos Verdes seniors, the home you bought and loved is becoming something of a chore. It’s hard to maintain, it’s getting tougher to climb stairs and you’re beginning to think about finding something stable, long term and safe as well manageable should your mobility become compromised.

If you’re like many of my clients in this position, finding alternatives is toughter than you thought. And in many cases, senior living options are either to expensive or just down right depressing.

Percentage of Seniors in Palos Verdes

How do you reconcile preserving your life’s savings as well as potentially moving into senior housing where in many cases you’re treated as a child living under someone else’s rules when you’ve managed to live on your own rules for so long, thank you very much.

I believe it’s for this reason we see the huge increase in the percentage of seniors living in Palos Verdes. You don’t want to lose your autonomy by living under someone else’s rules, you want to live for as long as you can in the home you’ve enjoyed for decades.

There’s a solution on the horizon and for many, it’s closer than that. Affordable tiny houses. Imagine your own customized “tiny house”. Everything is ADA-compliant and designed for you. Doorways accomodate walkers, cabinets are easy, everyting is within reach, bathrooms are safety accessible.

Geriartic specialsts are partnering with builders to reate a fleet of tiny homes made just for seniors. They are tailored for this demoraphic and outfitted with easy to use sensors and voice assitants capable of calling family, monitoring the home and contacting emergency services. Once these homes are built, they can be transported to where you’d like to live. What would be interesting to explore is if these homes can be installed in the yards of family members as a detached in-law unit.

Imagine, grandparents can live near grandkids. Every one has their privacy. And evolving are communities that are arranged for senior living.

The time has come for this concept. Contact me if you’d like to learn more.


Percentage of Seniors in Palos Verdes

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