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Palos Verdes Schools

One of the most important driving factors for Palos Verdes homes is the Palos Verdes Schools. They are top quality! A recent article in the Daily Breeze explains just one facet of the benefits of having your children attend the Palos Verdes Schools system


palos verdes schools
The Palos Verdes High’s Institute of Technology is competing against other schools in a robotics competition. Team members are, from left: mentor Ron Lee, Julea Chin, Joseph Ford, Candace Johnson, Raul Castrellon, Mike Eirinberg, Cole Schreiner, Ihwa Choi, Khalia Taylor and mentor David Di Giorgio.

“Principal Charles Park has watched the [Palos Verdes Schools] students with amazement. It speaks a lot about Palos Verdes High School, because it shows the students’ vision and willingness and will and determination to make something happen,” Park said. “That is just extraordinary to me. Commending Candace’s leadership, Park said she has put together a great team. Whether they win or lose, it’s such a fun journey, he said. I think that’s what it’s about. … Except for Julea, who wants to win that prize.”

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This map shows Palos Verdes homes for sale near 1/4mile of Palos Verdes Schools (elementary) and within 1/2 mile distance of Palos Verdes Schools (intermediate)

Just zoom in and you will see light blue circles surrounding the public Palos Verdes schools

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More information on Palos Verdes Schools

The Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District serves the four Peninsula cities and has a population of approximately 11, 900 students. The school district’s reputation for having a high quality education system attracts many families to this suburban area and its schools. Students attend, two early childhood centers, ten elementary schools, three 6-8 intermediate schools, two comprehensive high schools and one continuation school. PVPUSD schools continue to be recognized for outstanding achievement at the local, state and national level. Community and parent volunteers make significant contributions to the public schools. The Peninsula Education Foundation has been successful in raising local funds to meet and supplement classroom needs. Strong PTA programs support and enrich school delivery systems.

Preparing Students for College

* 98% of graduates enroll in college

* 97% of graduates completed more than the minimum requirements

* 82% of graduates met the A-G requirement for UC admissions

* Class of 2013 students were offered admission to over 300 colleges, including:

All California State Universities

All campuses of the University of California

All Ivy League colleges





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