Palos Verdes School students opting out of Common Core

I read an article today about how nearly half of Palos Verdes School students are opting out of Common Core.

Regardless of how you feel about the educational benefits or lack thereof of the Common Core curriculum, this was an interesting statistic especially as it relates comparatively to other “affluent” neighborhoods around the country.

Barry Yudess of RestorePVEducation sites this as a victory and you can read more about RestorePVEducation here

For whatever its worth, my opinion on this is that because Palos Verdes School rankings are so very, very high which is a HUGE reason Palos Verdes home values are so high and consistently so and consistently remain resilient to the economic down cycles, whatever it is that can be done to keep the quality of education to high standards is a great thing.  And my gut feeling is that “outside” influences from a bureaucratic authority which tries to create a “one size fits all” system, is NOT the way to keep Palos Verdes School standards high.Palos Verdes School

What’s your opinion on this?  You can read more from the article I read here Half of Juniors in Affluent Palos Verdes High School Opting Out of Common Core


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