Palos Verdes Neighborhoods each have their own unique feel, ambiance and temperate zones. Here are some initial observations.  There will be links within each of the Palos Verdes Neighborhoods sections which navigate you to a unique page, each with three tabs, the first and third specifically provide information on Palos Verdes homes for sale and demographics.  I’ve included a map below to assist  you with the locations of all the Palos Verdes Neighborhoods.

Lunada Bay and Margate – (Area 160)

Lunada Bay is one of the most tranquil and beautiful Palos Verdes Neighborhoods in Palos Verdes Estates. Lush landscaping and quiet country lanes provide that rural quality. There are many parkland areas and school sites. A unique feature of this area is that many homes are within walking distance of all school levels. This is the most popular community for families due to the schools and activities for children. Home styles vary and include Spanish, Traditional, and a few Modern.

The plaza area of the community has a park and a large fountain dedicated to the children ‘La Fuente de los Ninos’. The community has the longest coastline in the city and most views are of the ocean and Catalina Island. Walking to the bluff top parkland at sunset is a favorite activity for residents. There is also great surfing at Lunada Bay and Bluff Cove (aka “Little Waikiki’).

Monte Malaga – (Area 162)

Located at the crest of the hills above Malaga Cove and Lunada Bay, of all the Palos Verdes neighborhoods, Monte Malaga commands the most breathtaking view of ocean and coastline from elevations ranging up to 1380 feet. This is the most recently developed area of the city and has a much higher percentage of large mansions due as well to the larger average lot size. Many lots in this area are 1/2 to 1 acre. Homes are predominantly Spanish or Italianate architecture with red tile roofs.

Malaga Cove (Area 163)

Malaga Cove has the aura of an Italianate coastal village. It has the largest commercial plaza in the city and is located on the hillsides along the ocean. Malaga Cove is one of the few Palos Verdes Neighborhoods which enjoy spectacular views of the ocean and coastline ‘Queens Necklace’. This locale has many newer large mansions of up to 16000 square feet as well as many older homes as small as 1500 square feet. Amenities include the Oceanside ‘Palos Verdes Swim and Athletic Club’, the Palos Verdes Country Club, Library, City Offices, and the Plaza replete with the ‘Neptune Fountain’ and several parks. Homes are predominantly Spanish or Italianate architecture with red tile roofs.

Valmonte – (Area 164)

This locale is known for the large groves of Eucalyptus trees and meandering trails in and around the country club. The homes were built primarily in the mid 1900’s and are typically smaller and traditional in style and lots are smaller as well. Many residents do not want the community transformed into large mansions. Some homes have city lights or golf course views but most are along rural lanes. Architectural styles are mostly Spanish or Traditional. A public horse stables is provided at the Northeast boundary.

City of Rolling Hills Estates –  Palos Verdes Drive North (Area 165)

This area has a combination of ranch style homes in the equestrian overlay and areas of tract homes. The ‘Lanes’ are predominantly larger, typically over 1/2 acre, horse properties with a wide variety of home styles and sizes.  Many of the homeowners do not have horses, however there are 25 miles of trails throughout the community. There are also community riding rings. Barns and stables are common in many neighborhoods. Homes range from around 1500 square feet to 5000 square feet and some have extensive equestrian facilities. Wild Peacocks roam the Eastern area of ‘The Lanes’.  The Palos Verdes Drive North area.

City of Rolling Hills – The Gated City (Area 166)

This is a very exclusive ranch area with most lots over one acre and all roads are private. All properties are equestrian lots and provisions must be made for a barn area whether used or not. Homes are ranch style and painted white. One street, Williamsburg Lane, Has Williamsburg Colonial stle homes. There are no leash laws and most domesticated animals are allowed. The countryside is gently rolling to steep and most locations have spectacular views of city lights, coastline or ocean. There are over 23 miles of horse trails. Resident pay around $2200 per million of sales price for community services per year (gate guards, private road maintenance, etc). Nearly all homes are on septic systems.  Rolling Hills profile

Rancho Palos Verdes – Palos Verdes Drive East (Area 167)

This area along Palos Verdes Drive East has a wide variety of homes and neighborhoods. There are many country roads off of the main drive, and some are private. Many homes are on septic systems. Views are primarily city lights and the harbor. There are also newer contemporary developments, as well as the Miraleste area which has an older italianate ambiance. Elevation reaches up to 1400 feet providing some spectacular views. There are also some equestrian areas but trails are scarce.  Part of this area is known as the “Miraleste” area.  Miraleste is an area within the city of Rancho Palos Verdes, but is still under the jurisdiction of the Palos Verdes Homes Association, known as the Art Jury.  It’s what makes Miraleste’s ambiance appear like Palos Verdes Estates.  Palos Verdes Neighborhoods profile for Palos Verdes Drive East

Rancho Palos Verdes – Mira Catalina (Area 168)

This neighborhood is at the South end of Palos Verdes Drive East and is predominantly mid-sized tract homes developed in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Many homes have spectacular ocean and Catalina Island views. A few large estates are scattered within the area but most homes are around 1800 to 2400 square feet.  Palos Verdes Neighborhoods profile for Mira Catalina

Rancho Palos Verdes – Palos Verdes Drive South (Area 169)

This region encompasses the entire southern hillside and coastline of Rancho Palos Verdes. It includes new executive estate developments, older tract communities, a private village bay club, condominium complexes, and resort developments with golf amenities. The original gated community of Portuguese Bend where the Vanderlip’s began their development is in the center of this location. The area includes Trump National Golf Course and Estates, as well as the exclusive Destination Resort ‘Terranea’, under development. There are also hundreds of acres of Nature Preserve and public trails. Although a major landslide affects the gated community of Portuguese Bend, it remains a popular residential attraction due to the exceptional rural character.  Palos Verdes Drive South profile

There are two main condominium projects have around 1400 – 1800square foot units; many with ocean views.  Both the “Bay Club” and “La Rotonda” have “resort like” feels.

The Trump estates are typically in the range of 6,000 to 10,000 square foot homes on 1/3 acre lots with panoramic ocean and Catalina Island views.

The Terranea Resort is also located in this area.  Also of significance is that of all the Palos Verdes neighborhoods, this is the only one with a private residential beach club know as the Portuguese Bend Beach Club.  The term “Portuguese Bend” came from the fact that years ago, Portuguese Whalers ported in this area.


Rancho Palos Verdes – West Palos Verdes (Area 170)

This locale is at the South end of Hawthorne along the ocean. It includes the Pt. Vicente Lighthouse, Interpretive center and park, and newer luxury home developments as well as older tract developments. Most homes in this area have ocean and Catalina Island views. There are extensive walking trails along the ocean bluff and large expanses of open space.

The area between Palos Verdes Drive and the ocean has been developed with luxurious estates on large lots, whereas the inland side of the Drive has older tract homes.  There are a couple of very high end luxury developments in this area adjacent to the bluffs.  West Palos Verdes profile

Rancho Palos Verdes  – Country Club (Area 171)

This is an area of Rancho Palos Verdes clustered in the vicinity of the Los Verdes Country Club. Roads meander down the hillsides and around the golf course. Homes are generally 3000 to 5000 square feet and were developed in the 1970’s. Most homes are contemporary in style and have golf course and ocean views.  Country Club


Rancho Palos Verdes / Rolling Hills Estates – La Cresta (Area 172)

This area encompasses the region along Crest road between Hawthorne Blvd. and Crenshaw Blvd., and includes developments within both Rancho Palos Verdes and Rolling Hills Estates.

Vantage Point is a newer gated development within Rolling Hills Estates with large homes on typically 1/2 acre lots. Most home are 4000 to 6000 square feet with some ocean view

The Ranch and Rolling Hills Country Estates are gated developments within the city of Rolling Hills Estates. These are equestrian style developments completed in the 1980’s Street meander through rural wooded neighborhoods with lots averaging 1/2 acre. Homes are generally contemporary in style and are 2500 to 4000 square feet. There are condominium buildings near Hawthorne Blvd with sizes of around 2500 square foot unit and which feature ocean viewss

Hillcrest Manor is a recent development with many eastern style homes on 1/2 acre lots. Homes are 4000 to 5000 square feet. Hillcrest Meadows is a development with typically around 2500 square foot Cape Cod style homes on small lots. The homes are free standing with extensive landscaped common areas.

Sea Breeze is a recent development within Rancho Palos Verdes with 3500 to 4500 square foot homes on 1/3 to 1/2 acre lots.

Ocean Terrace is a newer development with large custom estate homes on over 1/2 acre lots with spectacular ocean and Catalina Island views from an elevation of about 1300 feet. Homes are around 4000 to 8000 square feet

Island View is a semi-gated development with estate size tract homes on about 1/3 to 1/2 acre lots. Some homes have spectacular views. The neighborhood is well planned and has community landscaping.

The older communities at the East end of Crest Road in Rancho Palos Verdes known as Middleridge and Oceanaire are contemporary homes on large, typically 1/2 acre lots. Homes are generally 2000 to 4000 square feet.  The La Cresta profile


Rancho Palos Verdes – Los Verdes (Area 173)

This is a large area of tract homes dating from around the 1960’s and 1970’s where many homes have ocean views. The terrain is rather steep and streets run in many directions. Lots are often terraced and steep.

Homes range from around 1400 to 3000 square feet on 7000 to 10,000 square foot lots.  Los Verdes profile

Rancho Palos Verdes / Rolling Hills Estates – Crest (Area 174)

This area has an extensive mix of older tract homes, newer tract homes and condominium complexes located just above the Peninsula shopping center.  Stonecrest is located near Highridge and Crest Road. Seamount is located East of Hawthorne Blvd across from Los Verdes. Wallace ranch is located at Highridge Road and Armaga Springs Road. Wallace Ranch is a tract of large homes on about 1/4 acre lots built in the 1990’s. There are two large condominium complexes in this area, the Terraces and Ridgegate. The Terraces are in the city of Rolling Hills Estates and Ridgegate is in Rancho Palos Verdes. The Terraces have 368 units and Ridgegate has over 350 units. Armaga Springs is a converted 98 unit apartment complex off of Highridge Road.

The Stonecrest neighborhood is a 1960’s tract development of homes generally 2000 to 2800 square feet on 6000 to 9000 square foot lots. Some homes have ocean or city lights views.

The Seamount neighborhood is a 1960’s tract development of homes generally 2000 to 2800 square feet on 6000 to 9000 square foot lots. Some homes have ocean views.

Wallace Ranch has recently built homes of around 4000 to 6000 square feet

Ridgegate condominiums are gated and located between Highridge Road and Hawthorne Blvd. These units were developed in the 1950’s and include all amenities. Units range from 1100 to 2500 square feet

The Terraces condominiums are in a guard gated community off of Highridge Road and most units have city lights views. This complex has full amenities and large areas of landscaped open space. This complex is always in high demand and units range from about 1300 to 2200 square feet.  Crest area profile


Rancho Palos Verdes – Peninsula Center (Area 175)

This neighborhood is located between Hawthorne and Crenshaw Blvd midway up the hill between Silver Spur and Palos Verdes Drive North. Many homes have breathtaking city lights views. The upper section of this area has 1950’s era homes of around 1400 to 2600 square feet while the lower region has 1960’s era homes of about 2000 to 3000 square feet.

There are no vacant lots available and homes of 1400 to 3000 square feet on 6000 to 9,000 square foot lots.  As the name implies, this is the area closest to the Peninsula main shopping area.  Palos Verdes neighborhoods profile for Peninsula Center.

Rancho Palos Verdes – Silver Spur (Area 176)

Silver Spur is also known as ‘Grandview’ owing to the spectacular views of city lights and coastline. These homes are 1950’s vintage and typically 1300 to 1800 square feet on 6000 to 7000 square foot lots. Many homes have been added onto and are now 1800 to 2500 square feet.

There are no vacant lots available and homes are of 1300 to 2500 square feet in size on 6000 to 9,000 square foot lots.  Silver Spur profile

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