Palos Verdes Land Conservancy

Palos Verdes Land Conservancy

The Conservancy works cooperatively with the four cities in which the preserved lands are located: Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, Rolling Hills Estates, and San Pedro (City of Los Angeles). In collaboration with these cities, we hold voluntary conservation easements and manage the public open spaces. The Palos Verdes Land Conservancy’s successful approach to land protection has been endorsed by both public and private sector advocates.image

The Palos Verdes Land Conservancy moves quickly and effectively to raise funds from the community to purchase critical undeveloped properties as opportunities arise. Private donations enable us to leverage additional matching funds from state and federal agencies to secure the Peninsula’s precious natural legacy.

Stewardship staff and crew, with the support of hundreds of volunteers year-round, restore native habitat on these properties and protects rare and threatened native species such as the California gnatcatcher and Palos Verdes blue butterfly.

  • Preservation of lands in perpetuity: 1,600 acres are preserved in perpetuity for the public, community and wildlife. To keep these lands preserved in perpetuity, we must maintain staff with the relevant qualifications to monitor and respond to any challenges facing our conservation easements.
  • Restoration of wildlife habitat: Work to improve the quality of habitat to better support wildlife by engaging in habitat restoration projects which include seeding and planting native species along with invasive plant control. The Conservancy operates a native plant nursery that propagates more than 60 different species for restoration projects, and annually plants nearly 23,000 seedlings with the help of more than 1,700 volunteers along with a professional stewardship staff.
  • Recreational Opportunities: The nature preserves on the Palos Verdes Peninsula comprise more than 40 miles of trails, providing a wealth of recreational opportunities, including hiking, horseback riding and biking. We work to enhance the visitors’ experience by maintaining the trail system, providing key access portals, trail guides and appropriate signage. Volunteer naturalists, historians and geologists lead monthly guided nature walks, welcoming thousands of residents and visitors through the preserves, and the two nature centers at White Point Nature Preserve and George F Canyon Nature Preserve.
  • Education and Outreach: We connect our community to these special landscapes through both public and school based programming. Over 4000 students a year, mostly from disadvantaged schools, are brought out to the Preserves and engaged in conservation education tied to the California state standards for science curriculum. Programming is offered in the two nature centers along with dozens of docent-led walks each year.

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