The problem with computer algorithms as a method to determine Palos Verdes House Prices, is the inherent error due to the fact that a computer just is not palos verdes house pricescapable of nuancing the differences in value between competitive sales and your home.

Factors such as

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These are all subjective value features that only a trained, experienced real estate broker can discern. And even then, our ability to “peg” what a buyer in today’s market is willing to pay for your home, has margins for error. Let’s face it, your home is unique. It is not like an ounce of gold in Los Angeles that is 100% duplicatable to an ounce of gold in London. Both 1 oz bars are worth the same amount on the same day. But your home is not the same as the one that sold down the street.  If you received a post card from me with your code, play the video to get tips then enter your code below

That all being said, it’s nice to have some “ballpark” value estimate. And that’s why I offer four different algorithms as part of my customer service to you in order that you might better estimate what Palos Verdes House Prices are.

  • CoreLogic – the research division of one of the nation’s largest and most reputable title companies
  • SmartHomePrice – an independent research firm
  • Real Property Resource – another independent real estate research think tank
  • CoreFact – an independent real estate research company

This page profiles the CoreFact system. Each of the algorithms are free and I offer them without obligation. This is part of my customer service and demonstration of my commitment to that level of service. You will need an access code for the Core Fact system. Email me for that. The other algorithms do not require any access code.

Once you have your code, come back to this page and enter it here:

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