Palos Verdes Homes Trend Charts

Palos Verdes Homes Trend Charts

Here is the link to the chartsEmail me with your cell phone number, complete name, and address in order to get the code to open the file. You won’t find a more complete source for Palos Verdes home sales data as well as macroeconomic data for the South Bay real estate market. This will help you in determining how to price your Palos Verdes homes or south bay real estate and if you’re a buyer, determine how best to position your offer for Palos Verdes home sales.

This Palos Verdes Homes Trend Charts site is reserved only for clients. All of the material here is the culmination of countless hours and the work product is proprietary. By using this site, you are agreeing that:

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I am no longer using “Formsite” to engage with clients.  If you’re on this site and have run into an error message in regards to signing up for any service, then contact me here (see screenshot below).  Tap or click the “CLICK HERE TO CONTACT GEORGE” tab.  Enter your name, cell phone number, email address, and include a message on what services or charts you’d like to receive.  I will then set an appointment with you either in person (coffee – my treat) or via Zoom to determine whether to share this valuable data.  Upon approval, additional proprietary indicators which have proven to correctly predict market cycles in the past will be provided.  Imagine having the clues to market shifts a year or two in advance.  How much money will you lose by not having this information?  While no one can predict the future, there are highly predictive indicators that I’ve developed over my 40+ years in the business that have helped my investors and clients not only make a lot of money but helped them from losing hundreds of thousands of dollars*


It is said the only constant in life is change. These charts on Palos Verdes real estate as well as the Greater South Bay real estate market, are offered not so much as predictors or indicators of future price and volume action for Palos Verdes real estate, but offered more as a barometer to help understand where the market is at ?today? relative to where it has been. Whether or not that measurement can help you decide whether prices for Palos Verdes real estate will go up or down, is just a guess. There are those much smarter than me who have failed miserably at such prognostication.

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*as the stock brokers love to say, “past performance is no guaranty of future success”.  I am not giving you financial advice, but rather only the benefit of my decades-long research.

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