Palos Verdes Homes Market Report May 2014

Palos Verdes Homes Market Report for May of 2014palos verdes homes

As is always the case, this report reviews the changes in supply and demand for not only Palos Verdes homes but for the Greater South Bay real estate market.

And as is also always true, Palos Verdes homes prices are driven by supply and demand forces. There are no other websites or resources that I’ve been able to find (it’s why I started doing this report myself) that provide this detailed information

You can get to the detailed report by visiting this site

Did you know you can use this map based search engine to search for Palos Verdes homes.

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And often, my clients will ask me about demographics for particular areas around the South Bay. Use the following for that. For example, in the search box, type in Lunada Bay, or Manhattan Beach Tree Section… you will get data pertinent for only that area.

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That being said, the market is a living, breathing thing. And right now, as you look at the numbers, PRICE AND VOLUME are both making incredible gains for Palos Verdes Real Estate Note the significant improvement in supply/demand dynamics as well as a steady increase in price appreciation beginning in mid to late 2011. It will be a significant event to observe the price trend in the chart below pierce above what was once support but is now a resistance line. The Palos Verdes Real Estate Market Report charts to the right shows the changes in this time period (9/2012-2/2013 to 9/2013-2/2014) If you’re like me, you’re sick and tired of real estate agents just making up stuff when you ask them “…how’s the market?…”

How about some REAL FACTS for a change? You will get that here. Palos Verdes real estate should be objective and based on fact not opinion; therefore, you should benefit from looking at the facts as depicted in trend charts. WHAT ARE THE NUMBERS. Here’s a statement that might date me a bit, but like Sergeant Joe Friday used to say on the old TV show, Dragnet, “Just the facts Ma’am” So what ARE the facts…. what should you be studying hard? Look at the Palos Verdes Estates Pending Volume changes. Are there more sales (demand) or less? Look at the new listing volume (supply). More or less? So what really is driving a change in the unsold inventory index (this is the number of days of inventory remaining on the market at current rates of sales)? Is it because demand is changing more than supply or vica versa?

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