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Palos Verdes homes market facts are hard to come by if you ask most real estate agents. That was brought to light when I saw an ad from a real estate agent on one of the social media platforms. You know what I’m talking about; I’m sure you’ve seen the ads. They are intended as a customer service so that folks can find out the value of their homes; in this case, their Palos Verdes homes. But these ads are ubiquitous. Whether you’re in Palos Verdes or New York, it doesn’t matter; all of us have seen these ads.

And I must say, I put these ads out too. But what really bugs me are real estate agents that write something like “prices are the highest level they’ve ever been”. But once you watch this video, you will see how I’m different. palos verdes homes market facts

I stick to the facts; good, bad or neutral. It’s important as a professional, to counsel my clients with the facts so that they can make decisions as they see fit for their best interests. Imagine, if you interviewed the agent whose ad I just saw that said “prices are the highest ever” and you were selling your house, you would be setting your self up to overprice your Palos Verdes home with all the bad consequences for you that would follow. And if you were a buyer, interviewing this agent to help you find and negotiate for your next home, you would be setting yourself up to pay more for a home than you should.

What are your thoughts on this. Shouldn’t a real estate broker invest in the tools to bring you the facts so that you can make well thought out, provident decisions concerning one of the most important investments of your life?

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