Palos Verdes Home Values Metrics

Here’s a tool you can use that will make you more knowledgeable that nearly every agent you interview to sell your house. And I’m not kidding because I ask agents all the time how the market is with regards to the Palos Verdes homes they are selling and they can’t give me one bit of objective data. All I hear is the standard claptrap and platitudes. Ridiculous! But if you want the hard facts on Palos Verdes home values metrics (or any property within the South Bay), this tool will provide that and you will be able to intelligently and effectively negotiate and just as appropriately, smartly price your home so that you’re extracting from the market, the highest possible market price within a period of time is that is effective for you.

All you need to do is play the video, then click the image below and in just a couple of clicks, you will be armed with the best real estate information available.  Look at how many Palos Verdes Home Values Metrics are available whenever you access your site

  • How many days of inventory (absorption) is there for homes like yours? (Better know this number if you’re planning to sell and if you ask an agent that you’re interviewing, and they don’t know this number and as importantly how it impacts your home – ask them – then stop the interview)  Ask the agent, “How many days of inventory are there for homes like mine?  How does that impact your marketing plan?
  • What’s the trend for days on market for homes like yours?
  • How many homes have sold like mine and what’s the trend?
  • What’s the median price for homes like yours?
  • How many homes like yours have had price cuts and is that number increasing or decreasing over time?
  • How far below list prices are homes like yours elling?
  • What are the recent listings and sales for homes like yours?
  • What is one computer model’s estimate of what your home would sell for in today’s market?  Should you count on just one estimate?  Is there an interactive pricing model that you can control to get Palos Verdes home values?

Palos Verdes Home Values Metrics

palos verdes home values

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