Palos Verdes Home Prices Trends by Altos Research

Altos Research is an INDEPENDENT real estate research think tank with proprietary information on the Palos Verdes homes marketplace as well as other marketplaces around the country.

For example, this video shows you one way in which I use the data to help my sellers price their homes better and help my buying clients structure offers that will serve their interests. The market is always changing, Palos Verdes Home prices are too, so whether you’re buying here in Palos Verdes or elsewhere around the South Bay, choose a Realtor whose advice is based on fact and not guesswork.

Here are the charts across the South Bay which include not only Palos Verdes Home Prices but data on many other communities too. Use the registration form below the video to get your own report for your specific areas (large full-sized charts and many other indexes and market indicators included)

And don’t forget to get your proprietary Market Snapshot report for your individual MLS Area. You can conclude with confidence that because I focus on this customer service information to serve your interests, I will be your best choice to advocate for your real estate interests!  This is a report which used objective, fact-based data to measure whether your home is in a buyers’, sellers’ or neutral market.  Text me your address and email and I will program this free report for you.  If you’d like to see a video of how it works first, just text me with the words “market snapshot video”.

Want to learn my “secrets” on how I interpret the charts?  Schedule an online screen share, click here and use the form to give me a couple of alternate dates/times you’re available, or from that page use the “Calendly” blue tab link at the bottom of the page)

Get your own Market Charts here


Additional information on Palos Verdes Home Values

I want to make sure you’re using at least one of these two utilities; it’s important because …

  • These two services are cutting edge in each of their categories.  The “Search Homes” platform below allows you to search PRIVATELY.  Your information stays secure and is never shared or sold! Did you know the big search platforms like Zillow,, Trulia, Redfin, and the like, record your search patterns, what you looked at, how often you’re online, and all your personal and private contact info which they then sell to multiple real estate agents and advertisers on their platforms?!?! 🤔 Ever wonder why you’re experiencing more spam calls and emails?  Now you know!  And did you know you can check Palos Verdes home prices by filtering for pending and closed sales on this site too?  Look how robust the search program is
  • They will help you be a smarter and strategically more informed buyer, seller, or owner of real estate.  Knowing the trends for Palos Verdes home prices based on ever-changing supply/demand trends is critical to maximizing your best interests.  I can help you like no other broker can.  Schedule a call with me here.
  • The second one’s importance is not so much the “value” component (let’s be honest, how accurate can a computer algorithm really be when nuancing “view”, “condition”, “micro-location” and/or “lot utility” variables)… but rather the importance in the results of the “big data” tech that informs you how many REAL buyers are actually searching NOW for a home matching your home’s characteristics! No other broker can do this for you.  Can you imagine the advantage you would have over other sellers of homes competing against yours?  Imagine knowing not only how many buyers there are for your home; imagine knowing WHO they are!  Think about the profound change this would make for the success of your home’s sale as we target those buyers to compete for your home!
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