Palos Verdes Health Care Quality

Well, no, I’m not going to write about clean air, prevailing cleansing ocean breezes although that is certainly part of Palos Verdes Health Care Quality. Rather I’m going to write about the amazing palos verdes health care quality hospitals that serve our Palos Verdes and Beach Cities communities

Have you heard of “Leapfrog“?  They’re an independent and non-profit group that produces hospital safety grades.  Want to see where your favorite hospital scored?

In the Fall 2018 report, 83 California hospitals received an “A” grade.  Within the United States, they graded 2600 hospitals.  Would you be surprised to learn that only 32% received an A grade?

Palos Verdes Health Care Quality

Was Torrance Memorial on the list?  How about Providence Little Company of Mary or how about the Kaiser Medical Center in Harbor City?  Yes, in fact they were ranked as “A” grade!

“The Leapfrog Group explains that its rating system is focused entirely on errors, accidents, injuries and infections. The hospital safety grades are released by the nonprofit group twice a year, in the spring and in the fall.”

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