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Why is understanding Palos Verdes Estates Open Space policies so important?

One of the things that makes Palos Verdes Estates such a sought after location to buy and own a home is our open spaces that are built in to the covenants of the city’s existence.  This is a black and white issue.  You don’t mess with this yet there are political elements within the city that have been playing “loosey goosey” with a bedrock element to value and appreciation of Palos Verdes Estates homes.

The Palos Verdes Estates Homes Association (or otherwise known as the Palos Verdes Estates Art Jury) has done, over the years, a great job at protecting cornerstones of what contribute to Palos Verdes Estates home values.  However, there are political elements that are ripping away at those cornerstones.  Do you want the value of your Palos Verdes Estates home compromised?

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Would you like to learn more about the demographic makeup of Palos Verdes Estates?  Scroll down further in this Palos Verdes Estates Open Space blog post and look for this, then enter Palos Verdes Estates as the city


You can learn more about various areas within Palos Verdes Estates such as “Lunada Bay” by entering even micro-location areas such as “Malaga Cove” or “Lunada Bay” instead of the city name.  Sure you can go to any number of sites to see demographics on cities or zip codes, but no where else will you find hyper local demographics based on neighborhoods.  For example, how many people live in Lunada Bay, is that population up or down since the last census?  What’s the average age and income?  What’s the distribution of male and female?  What percentage of homeownership is there in Lunada Bay?  How long have folks lived in the area? What’s the crime rate?  You can find this information out for hyper local areas across the South Bay; the Manhattan Beach “Tree Section” or maybe you’re interested in the Hollywood Riviera area.  Play with it and leave a comment on what you think of this feature.  But don’t forget the main topic of this blog post … the sanctity of Palos Verdes Estates Open Space!

After reading the article in the link above the video about Palos Verdes Estates Open Space and you’d like to leave a comment here on this blog post, please do.  I strongly encourage involvement and whether you’re for or against this issue, let your position be known.  COMMENT!

Here are some excerpts from the article…

5/25/17 Article in Peninsula News on “Group files suit over Homes Association election

5/21/17 Article in Daily Breeze on “Lawsuit against Palos Verdes Homes Association seeks changes to election practices

Having exhausted the avenue of seeking PVHA’s cooperation in the matter, and the PVHA Board voting to do nothing about the election and quorum, Ried Schott and ROBE (as named plaintiffs) have filed a lawsuit to compel the PVHA to:

Open the ballots, count them, and accept the top five candidates as Directors

Lower the quorum on future elections to 25% from 50%

Lower the quorum on changing the By-Laws from 67% to 40%

Require all candidates (including incumbents) to comply with the process for collecting nominating signatures

Require PVHA to do three mailings (unless a quorum has been reached with less than 3 mailings)

Allow for proxies, drop-off of ballots, and cumulative voting (which means if there are 5 positions, the voter can allocate 5 votes however the voter wants, such as on vote for each for 5 candidates or 5 votes for one candidate)






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