What is it about the Palos Verdes area of Southern California?

What is it about the Palos Verdes area of Southern California that makes it such an attractive target location for international buyers?  While this article is not intended to be the final authority on the subject, and in fact, I do plan to create new articles over time highlighting the latest benefits of home ownership and investment in Palos Verdes CA Real Estate, I do believe this article will help form a strong foundation for the international buyer to strongly consider Palos Verdes.

Let’s begin by understanding where in the world is Palos Verdes.  Here’s a Google Earth quick video to showcase our location, click here or the image below


Next, let’s explore WHY Palos Verdes has become such a focal target point for investors and home buyers across the world.  There are three main reasons

  • Investment
  • Education
  • Immigration


Let’s take these topics one by one starting with the Investment component.  Any investment, even if it’s your own home that you plan to live in, has an opportunity cost.  The dollars you invest in Item A are dollars that you can not invest in Item B.  As a result, you want to feel that when you choose “Item A”, in this case, the Palos Verdes Real Estate Market, the choice you made is a financially sound, secure, safe and profitable choice.  I’ve been a real estate agent and broker here in Palos Verdes for over 35 years after having graduated from UCLA in 1979.  I started my business in May of 1980 and the double major economics and psychology degree I achieved at UCLA taught me, among many things, an appreciation of trends.  Let’s look at those trends for real estate for the Palos Verdes areas

Clearly real estate, as an investment, does not behave like the equities or bond markets in many facets.  One of the foremost behavior differences is that real estate is a more long term play than just about any other investment vehicle.

Were you aware that you could have purchased real estate in the Palos Verdes areas at any time, even the peak of 2006, and over 10 years, made money!?  Yes, it’s true.  Take a look at the polynomial regression trend line for Palos Verdes home sales! (email me for an updated chart)



Just a few days ago, Newsweek published their national rankings of the top 500 public high schools for the United States.  Palos High Peninsula High School was ranked 72nd and Palos Verdes High School was ranked 236th.  There are more than 29,000 public high schools in the USA so these rankings are highly significant.  A unique benefit of owning a home here in the Palos Verdes areas is that while the area is served by both schools, there are no boundary definitions for either of the high schools.  Meaning no matter where you bought a home on the Palos Verdes Peninsula (there are 4 cities that make up the Palos Verdes Unified School District) you could send your child to either of the high schools.  Furthermore when studying each of the intermediate schools and elementary schools, nearly every schools ranks a 10 out of 10 on an independent school ranking site (www.greatschools.org) and none worse than a 9 out of 10. 

About the District

The Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District serves the four Peninsula cities and has a population of approximately 11, 900 students. The school district’s reputation for having a high quality education system attracts many families to this suburban area and its schools. Students attend, two early childhood centers, ten elementary schools, three 6-8 intermediate schools, two comprehensive high schools and one continuation school. PVPUSD schools continue to be recognized for outstanding achievement at the local, state and national level. Community and parent volunteers make significant contributions to the public schools. The Peninsula Education Foundation has been successful in raising local funds to meet and supplement classroom needs. Strong PTA programs support and enrich school delivery systems.

Preparing Students for College

*  98% of graduates enroll in college

*  97% of graduates completed more than the minimum requirements

*  82%  of graduates met the A-G requirement for UC admissions

*  Class of 2013 students were offered admission to over 300 colleges, including:

All California State Universities

All campuses of the University of California

All Ivy League colleges


We are discovering that more and more people from outside the United States are finding the Palos Verdes Peninsula one of the safest communities in all of California.  Crime rates are among the lowest levels of any community across the state of California, the “Peninsula” is almost an “island” separate from the Los Angeles area and this separation enhances peace of mind and security for homeowners that live here.  The climate is of fresh air cleansed by the Pacific Ocean breezes and temperatures are much more temperate than in other areas of Los Angeles which because the city of Los Angeles is in a “basin” surrounded by hills, tend to have smoggy and hotter weather than what is enjoyed here on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  The state of California published in 2013 a study in which they found “Based on new state figures released this week, Palos Verdes’ 90274 and 90275 ZIP codes are in the lower half of California zip codes in terms of being at potential for health risks stemming from pollution of all sorts.”


My partner, Margaret Wang and I, are prepared to serve your every need here in Palos Verdes.  Between the two of us, we have over 60 years experience helping our clients.  Margaret is a graduate of National Taiwan University.  You can reach us for more information by emailing us at george.fotion@homeispalosverdes.com or by cell telephone (424) 226-2147.  We look forward to helping you explore the many benefits of owning real estate in the Palos Verdes areas of Southern California.


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