Nextdoor recommended by Rancho Palos Verdes and Sheriff Department

Nextdoor encouraged use by the city of Rancho Palos Verdes and the Sheriff Department Nextdoor

Staff is pleased to announce that the City of Rancho Palos Verdes has begun utilizing Nextdoor to help make our neighborhoods stronger, safer and more connected. Nextdoor is a private social media website that allows neighbors to connect with one another. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department already uses Nextdoor to share public safety information with Palos Verdes Peninsula residents. The City of Rancho Palos Verdes plans to share important news and emergency notifications that are relevant to our residents and their neighborhoods. One of the unique features of Nextdoor is the ability to target messages to specific geographic areas of the City, which may prove useful during special events or emergencies. Currently, there are over a thousand Rancho Palos Verdes households that are members of Nextdoor.


Residents should be assured that the Nextdoor website remains private. City Staff will not be able to see any of the content of individual neighborhood websites, except for direct replies to City posts by individual Nextdoor members. To join Nextdoor, simply visit their website by clicking NEXTDOOR

You can read about the benefits of NEXTDOOR but while you’re setting up your NEXTDOOR, do you know how to set up a neighborhood watch?

Click on the image below to learn what major media outlets have discovered. I think this is a great resource for Neighborhood Watch groups!

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Our mission

We created this company because we believe that the neighborhood is one of the most important and useful communities in a person’s life. We hope that neighbors everywhere will use the Nextdoor platform to build stronger and safer neighborhoods around the world.

Core values

  • Invest in community
  • Put our members first
  • Be a good neighbor
  • Communicate openly
  • Act like an owner
Our manifesto

  • We are for neighbors
  • For neighborhood barbecues. For multi-family garage sales. For trick-or-treating
  • We’re for slowing down, children at play.
  • We’re for sharing a common hedge and an awesome babysitter.
  • We’re for neighborhood watch. Emergency response. And for just keeping an eye
    out for a lost cat.
  • We believe waving hello to the new neighbor says, “Welcome” better than any doormat.
  • We believe technology is a powerful tool for making neighborhoods stronger, safer places
    to call home.
  • We’re all about online chats that lead to more clothesline chats.
  • We believe fences are sometimes necessary, but online privacy is always necessary.
  • We believe strong neighborhoods not only improve our property value, they improve
    each one of our lives.
  • We believe that amazing things can happen by just talking with the people next door.
  • We are Nextdoor. We are simply you and your neighbors, together.

Fences are sometimes necessary. But online privacy is always necessary. Nextdoor makes it safe to share online the kinds of things you’d be okay sharing with your neighbors in person.

Here’s how:

  • Every neighbor has to verify their address.
  • Every neighbor signs in with their real name. Just like in person.
  • Your website is protected by password and encrypted by HTTPS.
  • We never share your info with advertisers.

To learn more about privacy, visit Frequently Asked Questions about privacy, or read our complete Privacy Policy.


Nextdoor makes it safe to share online the kind of things you’d be okay sharing with your neighbors in person.

Here’s how:

  • Every neighbor must verify their address.
  • Each neighbor signs in with their real name. Just like in person.
  • You choose where your information is shared.
  • Your website is securely encrypted using the HTTPS Internet protocol.
  • Information shared will never show up in Google or other search engines.
  • Nextdoor never shares your personal information with third-party advertisers.

To learn more about verification, visit Frequently Asked Questions about verification.

To learn more about safety, visit Frequently Asked Questions about safety.

If you have a personal safety concern, report it here.

To learn more about being a member, see our Member Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Nextdoor Guidelines for Neighborly Behavior

Our mission is to use the power of technology to build stronger and safer communities everywhere. We hope to inspire each Nextdoor member to be a better neighbor. We challenge members to hold themselves, and each other, to the highest standard of neighborly behavior:

Treat everyone with respect

  • Assume good intentions in others and give them the benefit of the doubt.
  • Disagree without being disagreeable; focus on issues and do not engage in personal attacks.
  • Practice moderation and do not over post in a way that dominates conversations.
  • Send private messages or post to a Group when a limited audience is more appropriate.
  • Refrain from using profanity or posting messages that will be perceived as discriminatory.

Share helpful information

  • Answer fellow members’ questions.
  • Share information about crime and safety issues.
  • Recommend local businesses and services (without spamming or inappropriate self-promotion).
  • Sell, share, or give away personal items that you no longer want or need.
  • Discuss community issues (but avoid campaigning).
  • Spread the word about local events.
  • Provide support to fellow members in need.

Honestly represent yourself

  • Use your real name, not an alias, pseudonym, or abbreviation.
  • Join as an individual not as a couple, family, or organization.
  • Take the time to add a photo and to fill out your profile

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