This list of Home Seller Tips will modify over time. While some articles may be removed from time to time, many more will be added.

Negotiating Tips

How to calculate your property taxes under Proposition 19

How Much Do Home Alarm Systems Affect Resale?

Ready For Staging: 4 Repairs You Need Before Selling Your Home

6 Surefire Ways To Get Your House Sold

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Seller’s Disclosure

Moving? Avoid Making These Mistakes

5 Tips for Staging Your Home

How To Keep Your Move As Green As Possible

How To Handle The Stress Of Selling Your Home

Tips To Keep Your Home Show-Ready At All Times

Eight Must-Do’s Before You List Your Home For Sale

Death And Taxes: Not Always Inevitable

Portability Initiative Is Designed To Help 55 and Over To Sell Their Homes And Buy Another

What To Do When Your Home Isn’t Selling

Solutions To Saving Money On Your Next Move

Why Buyers Won’t Buy Your Home

Don’t Fight The Home Inspection

6 Surprising Benefits Of Buying Or Selling Your Home In The Fall

4 Things You Absolutely Must Get Rid Of Before You Move

Owner Financing: Should You Lend To Your Buyer?

4 Tried and True Downsizing Tips for Your Next Move

How To Simplify Your Next Move

Seller Cancellation Must Be Done ‘By The Book’

Tax Free Exchange: A Valuable Alternative To A Home Sale

Curb Appeal Problems And Easy Ways To Fix Them

Is This The Ultimate Example Of ‘What Not To Do’ When Listing Your House For Sale?

The Need For Signatures – All The Signatures

When It Comes To Disclosures, How Much Do You Really Have To Tell?

Wills and Relatives In Real Estate: Avoiding A Family Feud

The Critical First Two Weeks of Marketing Your Home For Sale

Probate Home Sales Have Their Own Special Rules

Tenant’s Rights During a Foreclosure

When Is A Listing Commission Earned?

California Court Allows Weekend Open Houses For Tenant-Occupied Properties

A Regional Guide to Staging Your Outdoor Space

Speed Along the Real Estate Transaction with a Pre-Listing Home Inspection
(bonus article: why it’s in the seller’s best interests to get a pre-sale home inspection)

What Happens To The Listing When The Agent Changes Offices?

Landscaping to Improve Resale: 9 Projects That Fit Within Your Desired Price Point

Arbitration Clause Removed From California Listing Agreement

Saying Goodbye to Your Garden

3 Big Things Home Buyers Are Looking For In Their New Home

Three Big Things Homebuyers Are On The Look-Out For

Are Your Pets Soiling Your Chances of Selling Your Home?

7 Ways To De-Stinkify Your House For A Showing

Build A Deck For Backyard Appeal

10 Totally Free Tips For Getting Your Home Sold Quickly

Sellers: Avoid The Downside of Hot Markets

Nail Traditional Curb Appeal With The Right Mailbox

What Not To Do When Selling Your Home

How To Stage Your Home While You Live In It

The First Offer May Be The Best Offer

Why Millennial Buyers Are Swiping Left On Your Home

Landscape Tips To Help With Finding Home Buyers

When The Seller Remains In a Property, Is It a Rental?

Maximize Your Listing Price While Minimizing Your Expense

Can You Trust Zillow’s Home Price Zestimate? In a Word: No.