Malaga Cove 1BR +Loft European Apartment

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435 Via Corta in Palos Verdes Estates, CA Just Listed For Lease! Videos Below

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We rarely have this property available for rent.  You all know the La Venta Inn. What you may not know is that it was designed by the quintessential creator of the “Spanish Revival” style of architecture … Walter S Davis. You will love reading this article from 1959.  Go ahead, I know you have the time … 🙂
His son Carlo’s house was the last home Walter designed and we sold that a few years ago (click here to view the video … it’s an AMAZING home).   We still proudly handle the Davis Family Properties and in that arena, we are now offering for the first time in years, this 1BR +Loft apartment.
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435 Vía Corta – Google Maps European 1BR +Loft Apartment — Watch Video

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