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Please enjoy this drone video for 1512 Palos Verdes Drive West; you will discover the enjoyment and tremendous feeling of owning a home in this area. Rarely does a home of this caliber come on the market in Lower Lunada Bay. Of the many, many Lunada Bay homes I’ve seen, this is one of my favorite. Yes, I hear what you’re thinking, “George, I bet you say that about all your clients’ homes”. You really need to contact me for your private appointment to experience how incredibly unique and comfortable this home is, but not only the home itself with it’s many features, but how the home incorporates the outside entertainment areas to make a contiguous family living experience. For those of you that enjoy entertaining gobs of friends or just a quiet intimate experience for your immediate family, this back yard is your private “Disneyland”. The outdoor fireplace, enclosable heated sitting areas, BBQ, Smoker and elevated patio area with ocean view, all make for a “good times” ambiance.


Lunada Bay Homes :: 1512 Palos Verdes Drive West

Additional Features

  • 2nd door on the left of the hallway is a temp and humidity controlled wine closet
  • Outside patio is enclosable with screens and has been used many time during the summer as well as winter(with heaters) for dining large groups (Owner has had as many as 30+ people)
  • HVAC is a very Sophisticated system capable of circulating cool ,filtered outside air thru the house. It controls humidity and dust particulars . It also is zoned so that only the areas needing temp conditioning are on. It is also virtually silent.
  • Outside cook stations include Gas BBQ and Burners and a Traeger Smoker along with a sink with garbage disposer.
  • All rain water that falls either on the roof or open areas is either guttered channeled or drained to the curb which makes the back yard wonderful ever when raining because the patio and normally the walkway from the backdoor to the garage are protected and dry.
  • There is a large storage area in the attic of the garage with a pull down latter
  • The house has RV parking but there is also a dump station at the curb with water and sewer hookups so no need to take RV elsewhere to dump
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Lunada Bay homes and Margate homes are located along the West coast of Palos Verdes Estates, from bluff cove South to the city border with Rancho Palos Verdes, and from the ocean bluff extending East to the Rancho Palos Verdes border and Montemalaga locale. Margate and Lunada Bay are now both designated as Lunada Bay in the real estate industry for the geographical description for Lunada Bay homes. During the initial development of the city of Palos Verdes Estates, Lunada Bay was also a nursery for the vast planting program on the peninsula.

The area on the ocean side of Palos Verdes Drive West is often referred to as ‘Lower Lunada Bay’. This area is gently sloping and is a popular area for walking, running and bicycling. This area is a favorite for families since many homes are within walking distance of all three school levels. [A key benefit to owning the property located at 1512 Palos Verdes Drive West] The eastern portion of Lunada Bay on the terrace adjacent to the border with Rancho Palos Verdes along Via Coronel and Via Castilla, and adjoining streets is known as ‘University Subdivision’. There are a total of 221 building sites of at least 1/3 acre in this 157 acre subdivision and nearly all have had homes built in the 1970s through 1990s. The name ‘University Subdivision’ was derived from the prior owners (Frank and Blance Seaver) gift of the property to Pepperdine University. Pepperdine sold off the lots in the 1970s. Two streets in ‘University Subdivision’ are named in honor of Frank and Blanch Seaver; Plaza Francisco and Plaza Blanca.

Lunada Bay has a commercial plaza with a market, service station, shops and restaurants., and a beautiful park. The master plan for Palos Verdes Estates once included a major ‘Spanish town’ shopping plaza (Lunada Plaza) along Avenida Mirola. It included an incline railway down the bluff with bath houses at the beach. This was to be an elaborate beach development with a breakwater across the opening of the bay. The plan was dropped during the great depression and the commercial lots were changed to residential. These lots typically have different deed restrictions, allowing greater building coverage, than the rest of the city. Streets with ‘Plaza’ after the name generally indicated a commercial district in the original master plan. The Bluff Cove area at the Margate-Malaga Cove border was also referred to as ‘Little Waikiki’ due to the great surfing popularity at the beach. An palatial yacht club (The Pacific Coast Yacht Club) had been designed for the Bluff Cove-Margate area with an opulent bluff top clubhouse and elevators to the beach, boathouses, and beach front promenade. A breakwater enclosing 66 acres of water was proposed to provide still water mooring for 400 craft. The first regatta was raced on a weekend in 1927. A small ‘English Town’ style commercial plaza was also planned for Margate. Many of the Margate street names have an ‘England Theme’.

The great depression ended the vision of these projects. Palos Verdes High, Lunada Bay Elementary, and Palos Verdes Intermediate (formerely known as Margate intermediate) schools are located in this area. The two pools at Palos Verdes High School often have summer swim programs available to residents for a small fee. Lunada Bay is a mecca for little league activity with an exceptional baseball facility at the Palos Verdes Intermediate school site. Palos Verdes Intermediate school occupies 46 acres of which about 5 acres is a little league facility. Lunada Bay elementary school occupies 10.6 acres across from the ocean, and Palos Verdes High school is located on a beautiful 33 acre campus across from the ocean. The ‘bay’ of Lunada Bay (at the end of Avenida Mirola) has two named points; Rocky Point on the North and Resort Point on the South. Rocky Point Estates was developed in the 1950s and is zoned for all one story homes. Local lore is that James Dean’s ‘chicken race scene’ in the movie Rebel Without a Cause was filmed on Resort Point when it was a vacant lot. The helicopter attack scene in the movie ‘Lethal Weapon’ was filmed at the home on the point on Via Segovia. The estate at the North end of Chelsea Road (known as the ‘Lost Horizon’) was once owned by Pierre Lamure, a naturalized citizen from France, who wrote ‘Moulin Rouge’. This location is about a block away from 1512 Palos Verdes Drive West.

He was a well known French nobleman and also wrote biographies of John D. Rockefeller and Thomas Edison. Later the home was leased to Ethyl Barrymore. The Lamures owned several homes in Palos Verdes Estates and lived in the ‘Brown-Dobson’ house on Via Elevada when he penned Moulin Rouge. They were active members of the community He served on the Palos Verdes Art Jury, and wrote the Palos Verdes Bulletin, twice monthly publication. All the remaining vacant land along the ocean bluff is park land to be maintained in its natural state. A large Greek ship (The Dominator), loaded with grain, crashed into Rocky Point on March 13, 1961, but most of the vessel has rusted away (Video of the crash can be viewed at

The Lunada Bay Fountain is dedicated to the children, ‘La Fuente de los Ninos’, and marks the commercial entrance in Lunada Bay. The fountain was rebuilt in 2008. A new botanical park has also been recently completed across from the fountain. This park features well attended concerts throughout the summer months and a ‘Harvest Festival’ in the fall. The recently restored carillon bell tower at Lunada Bay Elementary school is dedicated to the children and often chimes throughout the day.

It is for all the reasons why owning 1512 Palos Verdes Drive West wraps you in all the benefits of living in one of the Lower Lunada Bay homes! The locations described in Roger’s narrative above can be viewed in this slide enjoy. Enjoy and do call, email or text for your private appointment to view 1512 Palos Verdes Drive West, one of the most premier remodeled Lower Lunada Bay homes available!

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