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Wouldn’t it be great to have a website that you can refer to any time you want and get updated on the latest schedule Palos Verdes open houses in including open houses Palos Verdes Estates.  Use the link below; it will open in a new window and that will be convenient for you to use and bookmark.

Further down this page is another link to view ALL the new Palos Verdes homes for sale listed in the last 14 days.  Again, this is a live link that you should bookmark because just like the Palos Verdes Open Houses link, each time you visit, it will automatically update with the latest houses palos verdes estates

But first, want a quick way to get an estimate on what your own home is worth along with deep analytics on trends including hidden supply/demand numbers?

The other service I offer and is important because if you’re exploring open houses Palos Verdes Estates and have a home to sell first before you buy, you need to get an estimate of what today’s buyers might pay for your home.

You can use this link for Palos Verdes home values.  Now, here’s another important thing to know.  PRIVACY ISSUES.  On these sites, if it’s your first time OR if you’ve cleared the cache on your computer, you will be asked for your email address and cell phone.  However, unlike the big portals … you know the ones I’m talking about, for example, the one that rhymes like “pillow”, which collects your contact information and sells it to their multiple advertisers, your information remains PRIVATE on my site.  Your information is NEVER sold or shared with anyone ever.  That’s a promise!

Palos Verdes homes for sale listed in the last 14 days

If you’re thinking about putting your home up for sale, maybe you want your broker to do an open house, maybe you don’t.  Here are the reasons why you may not want to have your broker do an open house.

  • Security – you’re going to have strange people in your house and while it’s rare for bad things to happen, we would be naive to think that things going missing never happens.  Make sure to put small valuables away; rings, money, jewelry, etc.  There’s no way your broker can watch everyone at every second and frankly, you wouldn’t want them to.  Buyers need to feel comfortable when looking around.  They need to feel it’s ok to open drawers, closet doors, etc, and having a real estate agent hanging over their shoulder just isn’t comfortable and won’t give them the ability to get to the “yes, I want this home” that you want them to.  It goes without saying that if you have weapons at home, make sure they’re locked away with ammunition in a separate lockable cabinet.
  • Broken items – Its likely visitors will have little kids with them.  Do you have valuable breakable items easily within reach of small children?  Maybe consider putting them away.
  • Neighbors and LookieLoos – There’s an old saying in real estate, “if you want to hold an open house when your home is up for sale, just throw a block party”.  That’s a joke of course, but do anticipate that your neighbors are going to come and visit and see how you live.  Everyone is curious; no one is more so than your neighbors.

These are just some of the reasons you may not want your real estate broker to hold an open house.

How about reasons why you should have an open house…

  • New Listing – If your home is new on the market, there’s no better way to capture the buyers that have been in the market for a while looking for a home likes yours.  The open house offers a convenient way for them all to come look and if you get a lot of buyers visiting, they see each other and they really start feeling the competition from other buyers so that they make a good offer on your home.  There’s nothing like the “Fear of Loss” to motivate the human mind to take action!
  • Limited showings – Many of my clients want to limit showings to their home during the week.  They might work at home, they might have little children whose schedules are disrupted, they may have extended family staying with them.  There could be any number of reasons.  Having a scheduled open house provides an efficient way for your home to be shown and your life to not get too disrupted

Your agent’s motivation to hold an open house…

Of course, the main motivation for an agent to hold an open house is to SELL YOUR HOME.  Be realistic, however, and know that an open house is another way for the agent to hold the open house.  It’s a forum from which they can generate new customers for other Palos Verdes homes for sale in the event, the visiting buyer doesn’t like your home.  This brings up another point.  Make sure the agent holding your home open, takes good notes on visitor comments.  Is the price appealing, is there anything about the house the visitor doesn’t like?  Use this feedback to make adjustments.

If you would like to jump on a zoom call or just a phone call to discuss the ins and outs of open houses, dig deeper into the advantages and disadvantages so that you can make a more informed decision, feel welcome to use that link above to schedule a call with me.  I’d prefer a zoom call (but it’s not necessary) because you benefit by watching my screen as I answer your questions.

Meanwhile if there are other topics you’d like for me to discuss, use this link to contact me and provide me detail on how best you’d like a real estate broker to serve you.  Thanks for dropping by!





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