Until now, the best you could do to learn about an area’s lifestyle demographics, was to look at city or zip code data.  image

Sadly, for many buyers, especially those new to an area, this is not enough and they had to rely on agents who often would just guess as to what the facts were. 

Now, you can use my website to drill down into the specifics of the Multiple Listing Service areas and get the information you’re looking for:

  • Population
  • Age distribution
  • Income
  • and so much more…

Try it out for yourself and see.  Play this video to learn more, then right below the video is the section to try the Lifestyle Demographics for Palos Verdes Homes and South Bay Real Estate



Are you tired of having your contact information and search patterns sold to multiple advertisers and real estate agents when you’re searching for homes on those big portals? I bet you didn’t know that they make billions of dollars each year scraping your information, data mining, and selling it without you knowing.

Instead, learn how to Search Homes In Private and while you’re at it, find out more about your own home. Start by clicking both of these images in the table below…

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