Small Interior Design Trends That Make a Big Impact

The interior of your home is where you spend most of your time. And it’s a bonus when we can incorporate small interior design trends that make a big impact.  Whether your focus is entertaining guests or enjoying your home, you need to have an interior design that shows off your personal style. Many of the current style trends are unexpected, so you might not have already considered them. Fortunately, you don’t have to do a massive remodel to reap the benefits of these.Small Interior Design Trends That Make a Big Impact


Add More Dark Tones

People often tend to gravitate toward light colors because they think that it opens up the space. But a new trend in interior design is taking over — dark, moody colors. One option that is increasing in popularity is grey wood flooring, which looks beautiful no matter what decor you have in the room. It can improve the appeal of an open floor plan and may make the other features, such as the wall colors, pop. Dark blues and greens are also lovely cabinetry. Black backsplashes give your kitchen a sophisticated and stately appearance. Adding dark tones to your home can be as simple as buying a new flower pot, lampshades, or chair cushions— it’s a friendly concept for all budgets.


Update The Cabinets

Updating the cabinets adds instant appeal to the bathroom or kitchen. Instead of ripping out cabinets to replace them all, you can have someone come in to do a plywood replacement. This gives the cabinet a new look without the high cost. Resurfacing can also dramatically change a space, so this is another small change to consider if you want to make a significant impact without having to spend much cash. Updating handles combined with a fresh coat of paint can dramatically transform a kitchen and give the appearance (and value) of new cabinetry.  This is an inexpensive but one of the best small interior design trends that make a big impact!


Improve Lighting

You can add instant appeal to a room by merely updating the lighting. This doesn’t have to be a complicated undertaking. Instead, you can just find new fixtures to put up. In some rooms, such as bedrooms, stick to soft lights. Other rooms, including the dining room, might do better with brighter clear lights. Some fixtures have three light intensities, so you can always add one of these to the room if you want varying lighting throughout the day. Don’t forget that the windows you choose can also affect the lighting.

More Small Interior Design Trends That Make a Big Impact

Repaint The Walls

Putting up a fresh coat of paint in a room gives it a new look without a costly project. While past trends were on vibrant colors, current ones focus more on darker colors that provide a moody and dramatic appeal. If you don’t think that you have the time, patience, budget, or interest to repaint an entire room a new color, use a vibrant or dark hue for a single accent wall.


Install Window Treatments

Window treatments give the room a polished look. If you are going to have dark flooring or dark walls, you can use a patterned curtain to add depth to the room. This can also make the windows the focal point of the room. Heavier curtains might work better for bedrooms and bathrooms where you want privacy. You might choose lighter, sheer curtains in rooms where privacy isn’t a factor. The contrast and compliments this idea incorporates This is also one of the best small interior design trends that make a big impact!


Add Finishing Touches

The finishing touches you make to a room often make a massive impact on the space. These are things like changing the outlet covers and light switch plates. You can add unique bath faucets to the sink and tub. Cabinet hardware is another finishing touch that can have a dramatic effect in the room. You can even add under cabinet lighting to add focal points to the room.


Remember that you can customize any room in your home using simple methods like painting or refinishing cabinets, but it is often a good idea to hire a professional for larger projects. These special touches can give your house the homelike feel that everyone craves. 

Matt Lee is a contributor to Innovative Green Building Materials. He is a blogger and a content writer for the building materials industry. Matt is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that increase property value, maximize energy savings, and turn houses into homes.

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