In Home Senior Care in Palos Verdes

I’ve come to realize, experiencing dynamics in my own family and with my parents that in home senior care in Palos Verdes is increasingly becoming desperately needed.  John Eberhard has been a friend of mine for a long, long time.  We both went to Palos Verdes High School together; we know our community.  John was instrumental in developing the PVE Cares program under the Palos Verdes Police Department (The City of Palos Verdes Estates’ Senior Program) and while John was an excellent chief of police, in my opinion his compassion for the elderly in our community was and is a most admirable quality.  Since retiring from the police department and with the desire to serve our community still very strong, it was no surprise to me when I learned of John’s latest venture.  I asked John to write a few words so that he can share this with you much more effectively than I can …

In Home Senior Care in Palos Verdes

In Home Senior Care in Palos VerdesRecent statistics show that by the year 2025, one out of every four Americans will be 65 years of age or older. When the last census was taken in 2010, it revealed that the Palos Verdes Peninsula was already at that figure. Assuredly, that figure has risen over the past eight years.

With advancements in technology and modern medicine, coupled with the fact that people eat healthier and exercise more than ever, Americans are living longer. This country is faced with navigating its way through solving senior’s needs and issues. One of these needs is more senior housing and in-home care.

It is a well-known fact that people want to live in their own house for as long as possible and lead a life of independence where they still maintain their pride and dignity. We owe that to those who did so much for us. Sadly, all too often, children of seniors are hard-pressed to provide care for their parents due to work demands, obligations for their own children, or they fact they live out of county or state and are unable to fill that role. There have also been cases where one spouse ends up providing care to the other, only to end up in worse condition than the person they’re caring for due to the physical and emotional stress.

This situation along with our passion for helping our “greatest generation” led to the opening of “A Place at Home.” Owner/Director Patrick Fresch is a lifelong resident of Palos Verdes Estates and has been immersed in the community for many years. Pat has coached football at Palos Verdes High School since the re-opening in 2002 and has also served as the girls varsity softball coach since 2015. After caring for both parents himself, he was involved with a non-profit organization named “ASPIRE-211” which focused on financial elder abuse.

In Home Senior Care in Palos VerdesDirector of Human Resources, John Eberhard has lived on the peninsula for the past 48 years. John worked for the Palos Verdes Estates Police Department from 1982-2013 and held a number of positions during that time. Most notably, he co-founded and managed PVE-CARES (Community Assistance and Resources for the Elderly and Seniors) for nine years after its inception in 2003.

Both Pat and John share a tremendous love for this community and are dedicated and motivated to help and care for those who are no longer able to fully care for themselves and feel that we owe our “finest generation” the love, support, and every ounce of dignity they deserve.

If you or a loved one is in need of in-home care, please reach out to us at (310)750-6080 or visit our website at www.aplaceathomesouthbay. Thank you for allowing us to be of service to this great community.

Pat Fresch
John Eberhard

If you want full size images of their brochure, just click the images I embedded above or to have the brochure mailed to you, contact John or Pat at the above phone number.

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