Did you know sites like Zillow, Realtor dot com and all the big portals sell your information to advertisers and multiple agents?

Why would you allow that?! Probably because you didn’t know that these companies made billions of dollars data mining people’s personal information.  Ever wonder why your spam calls and emails increase after you’ve been on these sites?  Yeah … now you know. So how can you SEARCH HOMES IN PRIVATE. Here’s a video on best tips and practices…


How to search homes in private … One of the biggest problems facing all of us today is threats to our privacy. The threat manifests itself in all sorts of ways and many of them are devious.

Search Homes In Private tips available in this video demonstration

For example, one of the trickiest things is how these big search portals – you know which ones I’m talking about – pretend to offer “free” searches but really, is anything free? Like Milton Friedman said, “…there’s no such thing as a free lunch…” These sites capture your information from cookies they plant on your computer and then they sell your information to multiple advertisers including multiple real estate agents. In fact one of these portals made nearly 1 billion dollars in revenue from selling your information. Stop that! Don’t allow that anymore!

Instead use https://search.palosverdeshomesbest.com

This video demonstrates how to use this site to search property for sale, search open houses, search pending sales and search closed sales for Palos Verdes homes as well as real estate across vast areas of California!


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