How to turn an empty nest into a nest egg

I wonder if you’ve had the question rumbling around in your mind about how to turn an empty nest into a nest egg.  For a video explanation of all the feature rich tools you will have at your disposal, scroll down to the very bottom of this page. How to turn an empty nest into a nest egg

The first step of course is finding out what your home is worth. What list price would you have to set in order to create value in the minds of buyers so that they offer on your home instead of the competition. Information is key, so here’s a quick way to start. Now remember, computer modeling is error prone. Let’s say you own one of the Palos Verdes homes here on the Peninsula. We all know there are …

  • varying degrees of views,
  • condition of property,
  • lot size,
  • lot utility (is your lot flat and all useable or hilly),
  • and finally micro-location variables such as are you on a busy street.

A computer has a hard time discerning these factors. Therefore big disclosure, while this quick and easy form will help you get started, don’t count on it as a “final answer”. Short of having a competent, experienced broker visit your home and developing a well thought out competitive market value audit, at least use three different algorithms to triangulate what a buyer might be willing to pay for your home.

Another important step for how to turn an empty nest into a nest egg …

…Understand how to apply Proposition 60 or Proposition 90 This will help you learn how to and whether you qualify to transfer your current low property tax base to your next home!  It’s a great Q&A on transferring property tax

You can access, for free, all the different computer modeling I’ve put together right here.

What’s really great about that page I’ve just linked is that in terms of how to turn an empty nest into a nest egg, I’ve provided you access to the ONLY interactive system that turns over control to those listed questions above to YOU! Play the video on the “CoreFact” page to see what I mean.

Here’s another quick “how to turn an empty nest into a nest egg” system so that without even leaving this page, you will at least have two systems to get some information on how buyers will value a home



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