How to search for homes within a particular school boundary

Often clients will be so focused on a location* that they know exactly what school they want their children to go to.  So this blog post addresses the question of how to search for homes within a particular school boundary.

Now I’m not talking about searching within a school district.  I’m talking about a specific school WITHIN a school district’s boundary!  Now if you want to just search within a school district, you can easily do this at Scroll down to below the image showing the school district search (for example, if you wanted to search for homes located within the Palos Verdes Peninsula School District) and play the video. Then use this link to download the app to use the program profiled in the video.  It’s the best way from to find find homes near specific schools

I also have a different technology that also provides this same service. When you go to you type in the name of the school in the search box, type slowly so you give a chance for the system to auto-populate the name of the school. It’s really easy. Then you can save the results and choose to be notified of new listings. What’s great about this site, and this is true for the original site too, is that unlike sites like Zillow or real**r dot com, Trulia, redfin etc, your information will NOT be sold to multiple agents and advertisers on their system! Did you know that in the last fiscal year, Zillow’s revenues were around 1billion dollars?! You didn’t pay them, so how do they and companies like them make their money?!  Yup, they sell your information!

and if you’re on a mobile device, use the tips in the video below.  Download this app

🏫🎒How to search for homes within a particular school boundary🏫🎒  

*You know the old saying in real estate right? … “Location, Location, Location”


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