How to keep a sparkling home and maintain your sanity when selling

It is an exciting time when you’ve decided to sell your home and move into a new one and how to keep a sparkling home and maintain your sanity can become daunting.  It also can be stressful getting your old home on the market and into a buyer’s hands.  These tips will demonstrate how to keep a sparkling home while maintaining your sanity when selling because between work and the children, you may already find it challenging to keep your home clean and tidy on a daily basis, much less keeping it pristine to show to a slew of potential buyers. If moving into your new home prior to selling your old one isn’t an option, there are a few tricks to help keep your home sparkling and your sanity intact.

Declutter and Deep Clean Your Entire House

First things first, you have to get your home decluttered and cleaned. This is nothing like your normal daily chore list. Every nook and cranny from every space in your home must be tackled. While maid services can often become costly, you’re best off hiring a professional for this job (housekeeping services average $236 per cleaning in the LA area). For decluttering, your junk drawers need keep a sparkling home and maintain your sanity to be sifted and organized. Your closets need to showcase their storage potential instead of revealing a secret shoe hoarder. Your children’s toys need to be attractively organized, with everything put in its place. If it’s in your budget, you may want to consider hiring a professional to come in and stage your home, and that could be money well spent – especially considering the median sale price for homes in Palos Verdes Estates was a little over $2.00mm the last month! While you might not sell your home for the same price, you want to get the very best sale price possible, and this means making your home shine.

Live in as Few Rooms as Possible

Now that it’s ready to show, it may still take weeks for your home to sell*. How do you keep your home sparkling and immaculate? One helpful trick is to live in as few rooms as possible; after all, there is no reason for your family to use all three bathrooms. Instead, make all bathrooms off-limits except for one. By limiting all showering and toothbrushing to one bathroom, you eliminate the need to scrub multiple bathtubs, sinks, and mirrors. You can also combine your children into one bedroom or even let them sleep on your floor. The floor bedding can then be quickly thrown into a bin at a moment’s notice, leaving the kids’ bedrooms beautiful and untouched. Remember, this is only temporary until your home sells.

During this time, it’s also a good idea to determine which of the larger items/furniture you can live without until the house sells. For example, you could move the big table in your dining room into a storage facility and simply eat in the living room for the time being.  Trust me, it’s daunting to keep a sparkling home and maintain sanity with large furniture in the way.  Get rid of it or store it!

How to keep a sparkling home and maintain your sanity when selling

Keep the Kids Busy

Rather than driving yourself crazy constantly cleaning up after the child-tornado toy disaster, aim to keep your children busy. Verywell Family suggests several great games to play outside that require no additional objects or equipment. Games like hide-and-seek and freeze tag are fun for the whole family to play together, and as a bonus, your kids should sleep better after all that running around. This is also a great time to cash in on playdates with friends to keep your kids out of the house altogether. The less time spent inside, the less mess will be created.  The physics law keep a sparkling home and maintain your sanityof entropy is the enemy of your goal to keep a sparkling home and maintain your sanity.

Have a Plan For Showings

Most importantly, have a plan in place for showings. Know where you are going to take your family during the showing and have a bag packed to keep everyone entertained. Have a checklist handy of last-minute cleaning chores to ensure that everything is sparkling clean. Invest in a lightweight, easy-to-handle vacuum so that you’re able to clean your floors at a moment’s notice. If you have a pet, keep all of their travel needs in a bag by the door so you can take your pet with you. According to US News, if you have a lot of showings over a few days, you may even want to consider asking a friend to keep your pet during those days. Again, this is only temporary.

Avoiding certain areas in your home, keeping your kiddos out of the house as much as possible, and having a plan for showings will help keep your house looking its best. Best of all, you will be less stressed, and your sanity can remain intact.



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Don’t be afraid to say no

The last selling advice tip to keep a sparkling home and maintain your sanity when selling is to price your home really, really while not leaving money on the table so that you have the power to dictate showing times. This way it’s easier to be prepared for showings without running around all crazy!

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*What’s more important than national averages on how long it takes homes to sell, are the local trends.  After all the 2nd oldest saying in real estate next to “Location, Location, Location” is “Real Estate is ALL local”.  You will find the video in this article, demonstrate how to do this…”How to tell if it’s a Buyer or Seller’s Market

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